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The enigma is a stethoscope! maiylah guessed the correct answer so she'll be the one to post the next enigma. My congratulations to you, maiylah! Hope you won't give us a hard time guessing it. LOL
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2007 14:11 GMT maiylah
LOL ... i got lucky! :)
Jan 13 2007 14:14 GMT mavik
Your turn now, maiylah! I was just beginning to "advertise" about this game and you already guessed it! Of course, you use it a lot, don't you? :)
Jan 13 2007 14:23 GMT PhotoPro PRO
great job to mailah!
Jan 13 2007 14:25 GMT DGM
Lets go Maiy!
Jan 13 2007 14:36 GMT mavik
Do join the enigma, Bill! It's fun! Even my kids are having a great time guessing the objects! LOL Good night, Bill! Best regards to you and your family!!!
Jan 13 2007 14:42 GMT soldier
Great composition!!!!
Jan 13 2007 14:59 GMT Bali
It was a great enigma!!!!I had never guessed that!!!:):)
Jan 13 2007 15:02 GMT junsjazz
engaging game!
Jan 13 2007 15:07 GMT maiylah
lol ... nope, i no longer use it a lot, mavz ... :))
but i guess i have (sort of) a small advantage ...
Jan 13 2007 15:13 GMT Scarlett PRO
Oups... I spend neer this one !! Good enigma and congrats to maiylah ! ;)
Jan 13 2007 23:32 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 14 2007 01:52 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, soldier! Please join the fun! To join please check out: http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/1539/
Jan 14 2007 01:54 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Bali! I and my kids had lots of fun guessing what the objects are and they even made suggestions as to what I'm supposed to post here...from the object to the editing and fonts I was to use!
Jan 14 2007 01:54 GMT mavik
Yes, it is, jj! Do join us! :)
Jan 14 2007 01:56 GMT mavik
I thought so, maiylah! Mine is quite worn out 'cause I use it quite often and the kids play with it...'cause this isn't an expensive one. I just use it to take blood pressure. :)
Jan 14 2007 01:56 GMT mavik
Please join, Scarlett! The more people guessing the object the better! To join please check out: http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/1539/
Jan 14 2007 01:57 GMT mavik
Thanks, aquiles! Do join the fun! To join please check out: http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/1539/
Jan 14 2007 02:47 GMT kitwolf
Hi Mavik, I've put my enigma online now.
Jan 14 2007 02:53 GMT mavik
Thanks for the info, kitwolf! Will check it out now.
Jan 14 2007 02:57 GMT mavik
Please post your link in the fotothing chat under enigma once you posted your photo, kitwolf. Checked out your site but didn't see the image yet. Don't forget to tag it enigma. :)
Jan 14 2007 04:45 GMT kitwolf
I've posted the link now. It is tagged Enigma, but it isn't on the most recent page.
Jan 14 2007 08:13 GMT bluefam
Jan 14 2007 08:32 GMT Nigel001
I still think the thing in the upper left corner is a valve of a car engine :-P
Jan 14 2007 14:19 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, bluefam! Do join us in guessing kitwolf's enigma: http://www.fotothing.com/kitwolf/photo/924376a7e40338d848d7d52e7f07d619/start=7
We find it hard to guess but you may be able to. Who knows? :)
Jan 14 2007 14:22 GMT mavik
So be it, Nigel001! :P Try guessing kitwolf's enigma now. http://www.fotothing.com/kitwolf/photo/924376a7e40338d848d7d52e7f07d619/start=7
I find it hard to guess. You may be able to guess it correctly now. :) By the way, I'll try to find and take a picture of a car engine valve for your satisfaction. :)
Jan 14 2007 20:15 GMT Elise
great one :)
Jan 16 2007 10:38 GMT mavik
Thank you so much, Elise!
Feb 10 2007 02:42 GMT Urselle
weeee stet arggghhh ... hihihi great shot te mavik
Feb 10 2007 15:17 GMT mavik
Huwag mag arggghh! kelangan mo yan ha...:P