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I have so many pictures which I think are special to my heart but I had chosen this one for several reasons:
1) I don't want to go through my files anymore...LOL
2) This was the just lying around waiting for me to upload again..:)))
3) This was one of the firsts I took just inside my room where I used artificial lights and it turned out the best (IMHO) among the batch I shot.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 05 2007 14:27 GMT Bali
Stunning image!!!Great enty!!!
Jan 05 2007 14:29 GMT Scarlett PRO
Superb macro and composition ! Great entry mavik ! ;)
Jan 05 2007 14:30 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for the comment, Bali!
Jan 05 2007 14:30 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Scarlett!
Jan 05 2007 15:53 GMT rhynnligwak
it is beautiful mavik, good composition and perspective
Jan 05 2007 16:03 GMT sweetkate77
Impressive details Ta Mavik! Beauty out of the ordinary...:)
Jan 05 2007 16:10 GMT mulhaqdesigner
Stunning shot .... its just like someone holding
Beautiful and nice shot ....
Jan 05 2007 17:12 GMT LanceG
this is a really good still life photo. lighting is spot on! good work!
Jan 05 2007 17:33 GMT sini
Great shot and entry!
Jan 05 2007 18:01 GMT jomoud PRO
terrific entry for this week's theme
Jan 05 2007 18:05 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great detail .. well done
Jan 05 2007 18:13 GMT megmet PRO
As I can see a face in the end of the twig it almast looks like a creature from another world. Nice shot!
Jan 05 2007 18:34 GMT backstreets PRO
Its a brilliant picture...excellent choice !!
Jan 05 2007 22:22 GMT DGM
I agree with you te Mavik. Its the best!!
Jan 05 2007 23:08 GMT maiylah
love the details on this one, mavik!!
Jan 05 2007 23:08 GMT maiylah
oh, is this star apple? :))
Jan 06 2007 02:08 GMT jceca PRO
whatever were your reasons, the photo is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great choice !!!
Jan 06 2007 09:50 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for the comment, rhynnligwak! Nice of you to drop by! :))
Jan 06 2007 09:52 GMT mavik
Nakatsamba lang, Katie! It was really a very fulfilling moment when I took a look at the result. My smile was from ear to ear. Daw amo ni bala kalapad... :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) LOL
Jan 06 2007 09:57 GMT tathisri
Nice shot.
Jan 06 2007 11:46 GMT Riet
WOW! This is really something! Great!
Jan 07 2007 07:37 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for your comment, mulhaqdesigner!
Jan 07 2007 07:51 GMT mavik
Thanks for dropping by, LanceG! This is a work of trial and error. :)
Jan 07 2007 07:55 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for your comments, sini, jomoud and Midworlder!
Jan 07 2007 07:59 GMT fredaH
good used of light!
beautiful nature comp shot.
Jan 07 2007 08:00 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, megmet! :)
Jan 07 2007 08:40 GMT Cameraeye
strong image
Jan 07 2007 14:47 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for your nice words, backs!
Jan 07 2007 14:48 GMT mavik
Kuya D, trial and error lang po! I don't know if I can do it again nga e! :)
Jan 07 2007 15:24 GMT mavik
Maiylah, it's a reposting (tama ba term ko?) lang. I posted this image a long time ago. Yes, this is star apple. http://www.fotothing.com/mavik/photo/67b8fd1bb015ba0ade7b2cbb851177f0/start=280
Jan 07 2007 15:28 GMT mavik
Thanks, jceca! :)) So sorry if I can't visit and check our your pictures 'cause our internet is so slow in fact I've been trying to make replies on your comments for around 2 days (of course I'm not here the whole day LOL). Sigh!
Jan 07 2007 15:31 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for dropping by, tathisri!
Jan 07 2007 15:33 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Riet! :))
Jan 07 2007 15:36 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, fredaH!
Jan 07 2007 15:36 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, fredaH!
Jan 07 2007 15:40 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for your visit, Cameraeye! :))
Jan 07 2007 20:54 GMT jceca PRO
don't worry, be happy !!! :-))
Jan 08 2007 00:50 GMT Jakeobean
mavik...absolutely stunning capture...the details are amazing.....great work...thanks so much for sharing with us.....Best wishes to you and your family for the New Year........
Jan 08 2007 00:52 GMT LanceG
That's how one becomes great in his or her craft. :) galing!
Jan 08 2007 01:51 GMT junsjazz
mamavik, this is mamarvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!