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Scenes I photographed inside the car on our way to a town around 2hrs away from the city.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 03 2007 05:28 GMT junne PRO
beautiful image!
Jan 03 2007 05:28 GMT Kire403
this is wonderful landscape... great one....
Jan 03 2007 08:10 GMT maiylah
wonderful view!
parang "starting anew.."
Jan 03 2007 09:13 GMT hallo
Wonderful scene
Jan 03 2007 09:41 GMT DGM
Good view. Where did you go?
Jan 03 2007 10:41 GMT bluefam
so beautiful.
Jan 03 2007 13:12 GMT mavik
Thanks for dropping by, junne! Blessed New Year to you and your family!
Jan 03 2007 13:14 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for your very encouraging words, Erik!
Jan 03 2007 13:15 GMT mavik
I always find rice fields nice, di ba? Parang very peaceful. Thanks for the comment, maiylah!
Jan 03 2007 13:16 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, hallo! It's an ordinary scene here in our place. You should come and visit our country in the future. :)
Jan 03 2007 13:19 GMT mavik
We went to Antique, Kuya D! This picture was taken in June last year pa. I forgot to upload it. We went there to attend a funeral of the father of a family friend. By the way, Jan. 28 is Dinagyang here in Iloilo na and you may want to come and take pictures. :)
Jan 03 2007 13:20 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for dropping by, bluefam! Blessed New Year to you and your family!
Jan 03 2007 17:55 GMT Scarlett PRO
Fabulous view and landscape shot ! ;)
Jan 03 2007 20:18 GMT Archer
Beautiful scenery!
Jan 03 2007 22:38 GMT Lie
This picture is beautiful, the view aswell !!!
Jan 04 2007 03:28 GMT sweetkate77
Awww..i miss Iloilo...hmm...i love its countryside...so illongga ka gle ta mavik? My tatay is from Jaro...kamo ya sa diin? :)
Jan 04 2007 05:02 GMT mavik
Thanks again for your nice words, Scarlett! :)))
Jan 04 2007 05:02 GMT mavik
Thanks for dropping by, Archer!
Jan 04 2007 05:03 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Lie! We have lots of this view here in our place. :))
Jan 04 2007 05:04 GMT mavik
My mother is from Mandurriao but we grew up in the city na. You're father is Ilonggo gale? So now me upod na ko nga Ilongga diri! Daw kanami lang ah. :))
Jan 04 2007 05:46 GMT fredaH
reminding me of my sister's village. wet paddy fields are just infront of her house surrounding by hills and mountains.
sad i couldn't visit her last year. wish the year 2007 i could make it.
beautiful nature pic.
Jan 04 2007 08:08 GMT TestShots
Antique? My nanay is from Antique...
Jan 04 2007 13:28 GMT mavik
It's really sad that inspite of the modern technology we have now we still have problems in seeing our families. I do hope you see your sister this year. By the way, I love what you and Elise are doing with the internationally known ELEIDA! Keep up your good work! Thanks for dropping by again, fredaH! :))
Jan 04 2007 13:29 GMT mavik
Really? Have you been there yet? Antique has so many beautiful places to visit! :)
Jan 04 2007 14:04 GMT nicercmf
cool scenario, mavik.....i grew up with a plce like that....
Jan 05 2007 02:01 GMT TestShots
I've been there but that was during my pre-teens pa. When may grandparents passed away, I got to return.
Jan 05 2007 02:03 GMT TestShots
typo...I meant "...I never got to return"
Jan 05 2007 15:19 GMT SIGMUND
Jan 06 2007 09:46 GMT mavik
It's nice isn't it? I mean to grow up in a place like this? No pollution at all...everything fresh! :)
Jan 06 2007 09:48 GMT mavik
Maybe you should come back to your roots once in a while. I'm sure your relatives will be happy to see you back! :) Thanks for dropping by, TestShots!
Jan 06 2007 09:49 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, SIGMUND!
Jan 06 2007 11:45 GMT Riet
Very nice composition and perspective!
Jan 11 2007 15:26 GMT deanbed
Its surprising what looks good when you drive around, I often stop to take the odd shot! this looks a very good scene too!
Jan 11 2007 15:48 GMT mavik
Thanks for your comment, Riet!
Jan 11 2007 15:49 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for dropping by, HQN!
Jan 11 2007 15:51 GMT mavik
There are really nice sceneries when we drive around but it's just often too hard to get clear shots especially when the driver is speeding! Fortunately this one came out fine. :) Thanks a lot, deanbed!
Apr 01 2007 23:25 GMT wifey
Beautiful at any speed.
Apr 03 2007 14:22 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, wifey!