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motherandchild china pinoykodakeros mavik


Mother with child selling maps in Feng Du, China (known as the City of Ghosts 'cause 2 yrs after this picture was taken, part of the city will be submerged and only temples on the peak of the mountain will be the only ones remaining.) This place is along the 3 Gorges of Yangtze River, China
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2005 02:32 GMT maiylah
heared about that...i think it's sad..
Sep 10 2005 02:50 GMT mavik
It's really sad. Kinda eerie walking around the abandoned city. More than 80% left that place already when we went there.
Sep 10 2005 03:06 GMT DGM
What happened. Are they constructing a dam??
Sep 10 2005 05:00 GMT mavik
Yes. More than 300 dams. You can see a lot of ongoing construction as you cruise along the 3 gorges. Well, it's the prize of progress...