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Tags enigma


Please try to guess what this is. This is very easy I think.

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2007 13:10 GMT DGM
Is it a Speaker?
Jan 13 2007 13:13 GMT mavik
No it's not. Please try again...:)))
Jan 13 2007 13:17 GMT DGM
Pressure cooker?
Jan 13 2007 13:20 GMT DGM
Web cam?
Jan 13 2007 13:20 GMT mavik
:))) Still not, D! I'll wait for others to check this picture out and give a clue maybe? I hope it's okay with you.
Jan 13 2007 13:21 GMT mavik
hahaha! Having a marathon guessing, Kuya D? It's still not a web cam.
Jan 13 2007 13:22 GMT DGM
Its OK with me I like the challenge!
Jan 13 2007 13:23 GMT mavik
Then I may go to sleep now...LOL Do dream about it first. Till tomorrow. I'll have to wake up early to hear mass. Good night!
Jan 13 2007 13:24 GMT maiylah
interesting game ...
looks like there's a small light bulb there. lol
Jan 13 2007 13:25 GMT DGM
PC switch?
Jan 13 2007 13:26 GMT Bali
Handy cam????
Jan 13 2007 13:28 GMT DGM
Wait! Ball pen point?
Jan 13 2007 13:29 GMT DGM
Hahaha dont sleep yet Mavz
Jan 13 2007 13:30 GMT maiylah
lol ... marathon guessing, kuya D!
hmmm. does resemble a ball point pen, huh? ;P
Jan 13 2007 13:32 GMT Bali
A car light without bulb??? A flashlight without the inside??
Jan 13 2007 13:33 GMT DGM
Hahaha Mavz is inside her blanket already, snoring.LOL
Jan 13 2007 13:40 GMT mavik
I'm still awake and is having fun with your answers! Not a pc switch, not a ballpoint pen either.
Jan 13 2007 13:41 GMT DGM
Stereo knob?
Jan 13 2007 13:41 GMT mavik
Sorry, Bali! It's not a handy cam, not a car light without bulb. Not a flashlight...Guess again please.
Jan 13 2007 13:42 GMT mavik
Still not a stereo knob, Kuya D! :)))
Jan 13 2007 13:44 GMT mavik
Okay, here's a clue: I had this thing for more than 2 decades and it had been a big help for me. This is something very important to some but not to all and not everyone has it at home.
Jan 13 2007 13:51 GMT DGM
Thermos bottle?
Jan 13 2007 13:51 GMT Nigel001
Looks like a valve of a (car) engine?
Jan 13 2007 13:52 GMT Bali
A sort of lense???
Jan 13 2007 13:57 GMT maiylah
stethoscope? lol ... :)
Jan 13 2007 13:58 GMT mavik
Not a thermos bottle either, Kuya D!
Jan 13 2007 13:58 GMT Nigel001
Or an artificial heart valve?
Jan 13 2007 13:59 GMT mavik
Nigel001, so sorry but it's not a valve of a car engine.

Bali, maiylah got it right! It's a stethoscope!!!
Jan 13 2007 14:00 GMT maiylah
Jan 13 2007 14:00 GMT mavik
maiylah, it's now your turn to post an enigma! I'll post the whole picture for everyone to see.
Jan 13 2007 14:02 GMT DGM
2 decades? Aha Betamax switch. Sirit na nga
Jan 13 2007 14:03 GMT DGM
Congrats Maiy!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Jan 13 2007 14:04 GMT Nigel001
But, couldn't it be you've mistaken all the time a valve of a car engine for a stethoscope? hu? ;-)
Jan 13 2007 14:05 GMT DGM
Will I get a prize for guessing the most number altho they are wrong.LOL
Jan 13 2007 14:06 GMT DGM
Nigel: You have a point there. Its a car engine!!
Jan 13 2007 14:09 GMT mavik
I forgot to congratulate you, maiylah! I thought this one will be very easy for you. :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Jan 13 2007 14:12 GMT mavik
Is it? I don't know what a valve of a car engine looks like though. ;)
Jan 13 2007 14:13 GMT mavik
Congratulations to DGM for being a marathon guesser! LOL
Jan 13 2007 15:07 GMT paintpictures
great doing.....
Jan 14 2007 01:51 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, paintpictures! It's fun! Do join us! :)
Please check out: http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/1539/