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The moon tonight...lunar eclipse Aug. 28, 2007.
These were all what I got 'cause it was cloudy and when the sky finally cleared... :(
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 28 2007 14:18 GMT miclar
Great shot of an interesting event.
Aug 28 2007 14:22 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, miclar! Too bad I wasn't able to even get a glimpse of the beautiful color!
Aug 28 2007 14:32 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I think you did a fantastic job - even without the color!!!
Aug 28 2007 14:36 GMT mavik
Really, Bill? I thought my camera wasn't cooperating with me 'cause it just won't focus correctly. I did lots of shots before I got this one. Thanks a lot, Bill! Have a nice day! I have to retire for the night now 'cause the kids have to go to school tomorrow. Good night/day!!!
Aug 28 2007 15:44 GMT junsjazz
grabe to te mavs! di ko kaya mga ganitong moon shots! inggit si kuya jj!
Aug 28 2007 15:48 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Moon photography is all about MANY MANY shots before one turns out the way you want it. Well done.
Aug 28 2007 16:06 GMT perola
Very beautiful series!!!!!
Aug 28 2007 16:12 GMT Pam
Aug 28 2007 16:20 GMT TRICKS4U
Yours turned out very good, much better than the many I tried.
You are right, mine wouldn't focus either, and I had to speed up the shutter which I lost any clear focus.....ughhh...

You did GREAT!
Aug 28 2007 20:06 GMT Ruedi PRO
We have full moon on this date!
Aug 28 2007 23:40 GMT wifey
Aug 29 2007 00:25 GMT Milibuh
Lucky Mavik !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 29 2007 01:01 GMT Urselle
wow! i wasn't able to witness this last night... am drowsing off in bed :(
Aug 29 2007 01:05 GMT mavik
Hahaha! Bumabawi ka ha?! I bought a teleconverter kasi noon eh. :)
Aug 29 2007 01:07 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, DragonSpeed! I really thought that the moon, since it's not moving, will be an easy subject to shoot but last night I found out I was very very wrong!!! The people around me were laughing 'cause I was already talking to my camera to "please cooperate with me"! LOL
Aug 29 2007 01:23 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, TRICKS4U! Like what I said, the moon is a very hard subject to focus...in my opinion that is! :) It sure gave me a hard time last night.
Aug 29 2007 01:24 GMT mavik
Yes, it's full moon!
Aug 29 2007 01:28 GMT mavik
I was so disappointed 'cause I had the camera and the tripod ready but it was really cloudy and before I knew it and the sky got clear it was almost finish. At least I was able to take some nice shots after lots of failed attempts. Thanks for the comment, Urselle!
Aug 29 2007 02:32 GMT bluesky
you are so lucky..we have cloudy skies...we cant see it here.
Aug 29 2007 02:35 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, bluesky! Now I know that not all had seen the much awaited lunar eclipse.
Aug 29 2007 02:45 GMT jett366
Wow!!!!! Kakainggit ka!!! Pinaguusapan lang natin ito kahapon di ba? Been waiting for this eclipse for weeks na! A lot of us were so disappointed coz it was sooooo cloudy here yesterday. Great shot Mavik!
Aug 29 2007 02:50 GMT mavik
Thanks, jett! Di na ako makapag pm sa yo kasi naubos na yung allocation ko! Grabe! Later naman siguro. Hahaha! Enjoy din eh!
Aug 29 2007 07:24 GMT pepsville
nice one...
Aug 29 2007 09:22 GMT Tavascarow
Great capture.
Aug 29 2007 09:37 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Tavascarow!
Aug 30 2007 03:47 GMT nicoalfredo
outstanding series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 30 2007 06:36 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, nicoalfredo!
Aug 30 2007 14:59 GMT jceca PRO
it is a great series, indeed !!!!
no need for :( face ..........
Aug 30 2007 17:08 GMT senna3
Nevertheless, this is a more than excellent series of moon eclipse series!!
Aug 30 2007 22:52 GMT mavik
Thanks for brightening up my day, jceca! Now I have a :) face.
Aug 30 2007 22:53 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, senna3!
Aug 30 2007 23:01 GMT jceca PRO
and mine looks like this :-))))

hugs for you and thanks for everything !!!!
Aug 30 2007 23:16 GMT aquiles PRO
Aug 30 2007 23:25 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot again, aquiles!
Aug 30 2007 23:26 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, jceca! Hugsss!!!
Aug 31 2007 02:45 GMT mavik
I would like to thank all the people who made comments on this image:
perola, Pam, wifey, Milibuh, pepsville, and Ruedi!
Sep 04 2007 00:47 GMT palakol
Incredible Lunar Eclipse Series.. c",)
Sep 04 2007 00:49 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, axe! Have a nice day! :)
Sep 04 2007 20:52 GMT fa69
Wonderful series !!!
Sep 05 2007 10:42 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, fa69!
Sep 20 2007 04:59 GMT bluefam
very nice.
Sep 20 2007 05:00 GMT nicoalfredo
Sep 21 2007 16:21 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, bluefam!
Sep 28 2007 19:56 GMT Archer
Very well recorded! I like the composition too
Sep 29 2007 02:05 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Archer!
Nov 21 2007 11:16 GMT Vaneta
so great!! :))
Nov 21 2007 22:29 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for your comment, Vaneta!