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Tags squirrel


a squirrel thought he would take a peanut from my mouse set. no crop but shrunk a little
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 16 2006 16:32 GMT fig
Great shot. What focal length and did you have to hide?
Jun 16 2006 17:59 GMT Snappa
Great Portrait!
Jun 16 2006 20:01 GMT martynb
i set the camera up on a tripod to wait for the little field mouse, all of a sudden this baby squirrel appears in my view finder, so i took its picture, i maybe should have zoomed out a little to get more of it in the picture but i did not want to change the focus etc. the lens was a sigma 50-500mm with a x 2 converter attached, because the "set" is in the shadows under a tree i also added a slave flash nearby set to fill flash, the sigma bigma with the x 2 is F13 max , in the shadow of the tree your down to 1/15 even at iso 800 (at this speed you get loads of camera shake ,even on a tripod, not to mention movement blur from the animal ), by using the slave flash you can up your speed to 1/250th (maximum flash sync) which will elliminate camera shake and most movement blur. i was quite far away so i didnt need a hide, the mice and squirrels are used to me. focal length would be a total of 1000 mm, i took a pic of the set up with another camera because everything was pointing to one particular place in my garden and i could guarantee the mouse would appear someplace else . i will post it next. thanks martyn