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Speak of the Devil

A reference to someone who appears unexpectedly while being talked about.

This phrase is used to acknowledge the coincidence of someone arriving at a scene just at the time that they are being talked about. Clearly, nothing sinister is implied by this and it is just a jokey way of referring to the person's appearance. In fact, many people using the phrase might not be aware that, prior to the 20th century, the term wasn't meant lightheartedly at all. The full form goes like this - "speak of the Devil and he will appear". The phrase originated in England, where it was, and still is, more often given as 'talk of the Devil'.

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 04 2011 01:59 GMT will
If he was trying to sneak up on you, he probably wouldn't be on a tractor..:))
Jan 04 2011 01:59 GMT will
(with a Santa hat) lol
Jan 04 2011 02:04 GMT martini957
LOL....good point Will....today on the phone he said my pictures were boring...so I decided to use a picture of him for speak of the devil ...I feel certain that he won't find anything boring about this picture : ))
Jan 04 2011 02:24 GMT will
That's showin' him..:))
Jan 04 2011 02:48 GMT martini957
I can just hear his laughter now Will : ))
Jan 04 2011 03:06 GMT losp
Hard working one in modern farming VS
Speaking of our devil of farmer on buffalo :o)
Telling, memorable capture for the photographer !
Jan 04 2011 04:34 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful entry Nancy ... I love the devil himself !
Jan 04 2011 11:44 GMT yvon
I don,t understand the hole story but.... a nice and funny shot
Jan 04 2011 12:03 GMT abojovna PRO
This phrase is known in Czech language too ("speak of the Devil and he will appear"), but say about a wolf.
Jan 04 2011 13:10 GMT Pea2007
I have used this saying many times .....nice work Nancy.
Jan 04 2011 13:50 GMT clintonfolks
lol.!! sister you be so funny.this photo is not boring at all, elvis in overalls,with a santa
hat on ,riding a tractor. it doesnt get any better than this. you realy out done yourself.!!!
Jan 04 2011 13:59 GMT martini957
The farmer has come a long way for sure Losp...Thank you : ))
Jan 04 2011 14:00 GMT martini957
Thank you Margaret : ))
Jan 04 2011 14:01 GMT martini957
Thank you Yvon : ))
Jan 04 2011 14:08 GMT martini957
Interesting....I like speaking of the wolf better...thank you Abojovna : ))
Jan 04 2011 14:09 GMT martini957
Thank you Pea : ))
Jan 04 2011 14:15 GMT martini957
Thank you for my morning smile Bro : ))