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This song popped into my head today while I was laying so helplessly in a chair at my dentist's office...he stuck that needle down deep inside my gum and started pulling BEFORE I was numb....and some beach came to mind instantly....I kid you not it hurt like the devil...it hurt so bad that I wanted to burst out crying, but I held those tears back until I got out of there and in my car & did cry wee...wee...wee all the way home....I informed the dentist and his staff on how greatly I was hurting and asked why didn't he (the dentist) give the novacaine TIME to numb and was told that the new novacaine numbs instantly no waiting needed...I told them it wasn't true....I felt PAIN! What I believe is that when a dentist takes on more patients than he can handle...he is rushed for time and he doesn't feel a thing when he doesn't give the novacaine TIME to numb properly...next time I plan to take a hammer in with me to assure him that he WILL feel pain too IF I do : ))
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 17 2011 20:07 GMT jomoud PRO
Did you at least wear pointy shoes and made the dentist yodel?????
I truly hope that the pain has somewhat subsided by now.
Hang in there my sweet friend.
b.t.w. I like this entry a lot!
Mar 17 2011 20:44 GMT Pea2007
Beautiful reflections.
Mar 17 2011 20:54 GMT martini957
LOL...nope, no pointed shoes on : (
Yes, thank God the pain isn't much but a sore reminder at this point. Hopefully in time...I shall forget all about this nightmare ....Thank you Jomoud : ))
Mar 17 2011 20:55 GMT martini957
Thank you Pea : ))
Mar 17 2011 21:13 GMT FLUMP
Mar 17 2011 21:14 GMT martini957
Thank you FLUMP : ))
Mar 17 2011 21:35 GMT yvonNL
fantastic place to be now! Have a wonderful weekend
Mar 17 2011 21:41 GMT sini
Great reflection entry!:)
Mar 17 2011 22:07 GMT MargNZ
Oh ouch Nancy .... I am so glad you didn't grin and bear it without telling the dentist ;)
Beautiful reflection entry to help ease the pain !
Mar 17 2011 22:31 GMT Studio88
He's a Horrible Dentist - I wouldn't
go back to him...Hope you're feeling better....Great Photo ;-)

Mar 17 2011 22:39 GMT Icandoit
fantastic place to be
Mar 17 2011 23:45 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful shot and entry, and I agree with the Hammer, can come in handy ;-)
Mar 18 2011 00:51 GMT martini957
Thank you Yvon : ))
Mar 18 2011 00:52 GMT martini957
Thank you Sini : ))
Mar 18 2011 01:02 GMT martini957
Thank you Margaret : ))
Mar 18 2011 01:13 GMT martini957
LOL...exacty what my family is telling me...but in all honesty, he's never hurt me before in all the years I've been going to see him until now and with all my heart I believe he had a heavy workload & just didn't give the novacaine time to numb properly. I feel certain that my pain that he couldn't help from seeing & hearing will be a wakeup call for him to slow down or at least I hope so : ))
Mar 18 2011 01:14 GMT martini957
Yes it sure was...Thank you Icandoit : ))
Mar 18 2011 01:14 GMT martini957
LOL....I quite agree...thanks Cooler : ))
Mar 18 2011 02:48 GMT potterjo
Beautiful lighting and reflections...
Mar 18 2011 11:31 GMT LizSA
brave girl.... and wonderful that you could escape a bit in your mind...
Hope you are feeling much better... I am sorry that you had to hurt .. horrible dentist..!!!

fantastic photo...!!
Mar 18 2011 13:27 GMT martini957
Thank you PotterJo : ))
Mar 18 2011 13:32 GMT martini957
Yes, thank you Liz...I feel a lot better.....and now that I've have a more clear head I'm wondering why he didn't stop when I said I CAN FEEL THAT or even when I said THAT HURTS or why didn't I jump up and run lol
Mar 18 2011 14:22 GMT caferr
nice shot...
Mar 18 2011 14:23 GMT martini957
Thank you Caferr : ))
Mar 18 2011 17:04 GMT Xaragma
A beautiful beach entry! I will think of the beach next week when it is my turn in the dentist's chair :)
Mar 18 2011 17:13 GMT martini957
Thank you Xaragma : ))
Mar 18 2011 21:10 GMT gafaway
a horrible story... yikes...
but a beautiful photo...
Mar 18 2011 21:38 GMT clintonfolks
funny little sister.!!!