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Horrible news....
"The mystery of the dying birds deepened for baffled experts after another 500 birds were found littering a Louisiana highway days after 5,000 redwinged blackbirds plunged to their death on New Year's eve. Just 300 miles away from Beebe, Ark., where thousands of dying birds fell from the sky this past weekend, Louisiana officials revealed that hundreds of birds were found dead Monday.

"We have blackbirds, starlings, sparrows. Several species of birds are affected," said Dr. Jim Lacour, Louisiana's state wildlife veterinarian."


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Comments on this photo:

Jan 05 2011 15:33 GMT Studio88
So Sad - Also Fish are dying in Louisiana - Photo looks like a scene from the
Hitchcock movie "The Birds" :-(
Jan 05 2011 15:45 GMT martini957
Sad & scary...I've never heard of anything like this happening to birds before....Thank you Studio88
Jan 05 2011 16:05 GMT will
Or some sudden atmospheric anomaly in their proximity at the time...perhaps..
Jan 05 2011 16:14 GMT superJoan
How sad..Redwinged Blackbirds are so pretty.....I wasn't aware that birds could see at night other than Owls etc...so perhaps they were scared to death.......
Jan 05 2011 16:31 GMT Donjames
So sad..
Jan 05 2011 16:32 GMT sini
So sad..
Jan 05 2011 17:21 GMT Cooler PRO
Strange and so sad, also in Sweden around 100 Crows fell from the sky !!!
Jan 05 2011 17:25 GMT Annamaria
Terrible.... I hope they found out what the reason was for this tragedy!!
Jan 05 2011 17:35 GMT clintonfolks
very sad. hope they find out why.!!!
Jan 05 2011 17:53 GMT Papagena
I heard about it. A very mysterious tragedy !! On TV specialists said it could be due to hailstones, a thunderstorm or even fireworks....... I hope that the real reason will be find out soon !!
Jan 05 2011 18:47 GMT martini957
Thank you Will....it's a sad situation and I pray the cause is discovered
Jan 05 2011 18:50 GMT will
That makes two of us..:)
Jan 05 2011 19:01 GMT martini957
A lot of speculations....I think what scares me the most is I've never heard of anything like this before and of course take it very seriously...especially when I read such as experts are baffled...are they truly baffled? Thank you Joan
Jan 05 2011 19:07 GMT martini957
Yes very sad DonJames...one can only speculate
Jan 05 2011 19:08 GMT martini957
Yes very Sad Sini and scary too
Jan 05 2011 19:10 GMT martini957
I was reading about that too Cooler....it is very strange
Jan 05 2011 19:12 GMT martini957
If it's meant for us to know...we'll know sooner or later Anna-Maria
Jan 05 2011 19:13 GMT martini957
"They" may very well know why my Bro
Jan 05 2011 19:17 GMT martini957
I can just imagine seeing so many of God's precious birds falling from the sky to their death...heartbreaking ....it is very mysterious and I can only ponder the possible cause...Thank you Ruth
Jan 05 2011 19:22 GMT martini957
Thank you Will
Jan 05 2011 20:40 GMT yvonNL
and now in sweden too
Jan 05 2011 21:44 GMT abojovna PRO
We read about this enviromental bird tragedy! It´s not a first similar occurrence. Also about the white mold of bats and died fishes!So sad! Very dramatic photo!
Jan 05 2011 21:47 GMT abojovna PRO
Jan 05 2011 21:50 GMT abojovna PRO
Jan 05 2011 21:56 GMT abojovna PRO
Jan 05 2011 22:00 GMT martini957
So sad....Thank you Yvon : ))
Jan 05 2011 22:16 GMT martini957
Thank you for the links Abojovna....I read that this situation isn't so uncommon....but it sure is uncommon to me.....if indeed fireworks are the cause...I can only wonder what the heck was in the powder....very interesting about the fish too
Jan 05 2011 23:50 GMT choices
This is, indeed, awful news :(

Beautiful photo, let's hope this will stop soon!
Jan 06 2011 00:05 GMT martini957
Thank you Choices
Jan 06 2011 00:34 GMT megmet PRO
Very sad....I hope they find the cause soon!
Jan 06 2011 00:42 GMT dbch
Sad and tragic for the birds .. Human activities
on earth must have caused some wrongs to
all living and non-living things .. Beautifully
taken photo of birds in flock flight !!!
Jan 06 2011 05:35 GMT MargNZ
This is a tragedy and one wonders if they will find the cause . Thank you Nancy for sharing this with us .
Jan 06 2011 06:02 GMT martini957
Thank you Meg
Jan 06 2011 06:02 GMT martini957
Thank you DBCH
Jan 06 2011 06:03 GMT martini957
Thank you Margaret
Jan 06 2011 09:05 GMT teddybear2
Great capture
I was reading about this today. I do hope they find the cause so they can prevent more deaths
Here in New Zealand there is a mystery of hundreds of snapper washing up dead. seems to be some weird stuff happening
Jan 06 2011 10:30 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
I'm very shocked and sad to hear about this.
Jan 06 2011 16:57 GMT martini957
That is horrible Shirley....down right puzzling, heartbreaking and scary too
Jan 06 2011 16:59 GMT martini957
Thank you ForestSpirit....I hope & pray it stops
Jan 07 2011 13:55 GMT abojovna PRO
To Nancy: I also see the situation more complicated (more serious) than it downplay the authors of articles
Jan 07 2011 14:14 GMT martini957
Thank you Abojovna....it is a horrible situation and a lot of writers are trying their best to make it appear as if it's not unusual....some are saying it happened because of the fireworks....IF fireworks are the cause of the death of so many precious birds & fish...then fireworks should be outlawed.