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I picked my first watermelon out of my garden...18lbs......I haven't cut it yet so I don't know if I picked it too early but since some type of creature has been feasting on my cantaloupes....I didn't want to provide them more than one kind of fruit for their feast : ))
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 18 2011 15:24 GMT daveb
I thoughtb it was a marrow or large cucumber. I wish it was warm enough to grow melons in England
Jul 18 2011 15:25 GMT iyerhari
Garden fresh is fresh!!!
Jul 18 2011 15:34 GMT hans55 PRO
thats a huge one !!
Jul 18 2011 15:40 GMT Ada90
You did 2 great jobs,1st for the watermelon , 2nd for let us know about your watermelon.
Nice job.
Jul 18 2011 15:43 GMT martini957
It's been rather fun watching my garden grow Dave...down right amazing that a simple seed or plant can grow & produce fruit.....Thanks : ))
Jul 18 2011 15:43 GMT martini957
Thank you Iyerhari : ))
Jul 18 2011 15:43 GMT martini957
Thanks Hans : ))
Jul 18 2011 15:44 GMT martini957
Thanks Ada : ))
Jul 18 2011 15:44 GMT abojovna PRO
Looks fantastic!
Jul 18 2011 15:55 GMT Pea2007
Awesome that would would feed me for a full week.
Jul 18 2011 15:57 GMT martini957
Thank you Abojovna : ))
Jul 18 2011 15:58 GMT martini957
I dread cutting into it Pea...I sure hope I didn't pick it too soon
Jul 18 2011 19:39 GMT Annamaria
Thats looking great Nancy!! Bon appetit!! -)
Jul 18 2011 21:23 GMT martini957
Thanks Anna-Maria.....sure hope it's as sweet as I think it will be : ))
Jul 18 2011 23:13 GMT clintonfolks
Jul 18 2011 23:39 GMT martini957
Cool huh Bro : ))
Jul 19 2011 03:59 GMT larrybenedict
That's a really nice watermelon Nancy. Jubiliee? Big enough to just eat the heart out of it and bury the rest for the earthworms.
Jul 19 2011 07:07 GMT Papagena
Impressive size indeed !! At first lookI have taken it for a zucchini !!
Jul 19 2011 16:11 GMT martini957
Larry, I don't recall what type of watermelon plant I bought...just grabbed one to plant for the fun of it....great idea you just shared with me....I truly never thought to bury the rest...usually put some out for the birds and bees and throw the rest away
Jul 19 2011 16:14 GMT martini957
Thanks Ruth.....some of my zucchinis got rather large because I didn't know when to pick them and some were oversights too...I thought bigger was better...but my sister-in-law said no : ))
Jul 19 2011 16:45 GMT Papagena
Indeed they shouldn't be too large. I have a recipe to prepare a tasty zucchini cutting it lengthways and fill each halve (without its pips) with a kind of sauce bolognese. In the oven it has to cook until it is tender.

Jul 19 2011 23:05 GMT martini957
That sounds very good & the sauce looks GREAT.....I'm going to try it...I'm not a great cook at all....but I do like trying new dishes...Thank you much Ruth!!!
Jul 21 2011 11:46 GMT senna3
Very nice composition!