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On the go....rain, sleet, or snow.....or so it seems....Postal Service no longer has this motto...haven't seen hide nor hair of them in three days
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2011 15:28 GMT iyerhari
Pl. take care:)
Jan 13 2011 15:40 GMT clintonfolks
lol. times have changed. great shot sis..
Jan 13 2011 16:02 GMT martini957
Thank you Iyerhari : ))
Jan 13 2011 16:09 GMT martini957
It is totally puzzling..and our local office won't answer their phone....Lenny said it's best that I don't tick the postal worker off lol....I had no intentions of ticking anyone off...I just want my ding dang fan mail : ))
Jan 13 2011 18:06 GMT senna3
A very Dutch situation too!
Jan 13 2011 20:04 GMT annieann PRO
brilliant shot nancy
Jan 13 2011 22:01 GMT gafaway
wow... lots of snow for you!
Jan 13 2011 22:42 GMT martini957
Thanks Senna3....hopefully it'll get better rather than worse : ))
Jan 13 2011 22:42 GMT martini957
Thank you AnnieAnn : ))
Jan 13 2011 22:43 GMT martini957
It sure was...I think the average was around 6 inches...Thanks Pam : ))
Jan 13 2011 23:56 GMT megmet PRO
Your comment made me laugh Nancy.....
We only get our post when the lady thinks she has enough to make it worth her while coming to the village, it can take two days or two weeks...on one occasion it was two months! :-))
Jan 14 2011 02:19 GMT martini957
OH MY....talk about snail-mail.....we got snow this past Monday followed by freezing rain....beautiful, but a lot of travel issues especially on rural roads....I've never known the mail not to run due to the weather...so this is a first for me...I've learned never to assume that in rain, sleet, snow, or hail the mail will always go....my fan mail will get here when the roads are safe : )) Thanks Meg