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After reading about the prickly pears online....how to pick, wash, & eat them... I decided to go outside and pick some prickly pears off my cactus plant...... this horrible looking spider was busy doing something....he/she had the web moving back & forth...(which was what caught my attention) I decided real quick like that I didn't really want any prickly pears afterall (without a doubt they were probably sour anyway).......but very bravely...I did inch closer & closer trying to get some shots....I have no idea what this spider was doing...I've never seen a spider creating the zig-zag design as you see in the pictures.....maybe just making his home sweet home where the prickly pears do grow....no need for him to worry about me knocking on his web asking to borrow a cup of prickly pears...he can have every last one of them ... there's not one greedy bone in my whole body : ))
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 19 2009 06:11 GMT marijke06
Sep 19 2009 06:14 GMT sini
Great find and series!:)
Sep 19 2009 06:27 GMT martini957
Very interesting info...and I actually got to witness this zigzag being made....THANK YOU MUCH Marijke : ))
Sep 19 2009 06:29 GMT martini957
Thank you Sini...I am scared of spiders...and can only say that FT was my spine as I snapped away : ))
Sep 19 2009 07:54 GMT MargNZ
How brave you were Nancy ... fascinating spider shot :)
Sep 19 2009 09:38 GMT mbz
Sep 19 2009 09:43 GMT losp
Without human's education, this spider is great builder & artist/painter ..
Great find & capture of a wonderful, inspiring scene, at least to Losp !
Sep 19 2009 12:05 GMT clintonfolks
great sereis sis..
Sep 19 2009 14:56 GMT martini957
Thank you MargNZ....amazing work for sure : ))
Sep 19 2009 14:57 GMT martini957
Thank you MBZ : ))
Sep 19 2009 14:57 GMT senna3
Superb capture!
Sep 19 2009 14:59 GMT martini957
Thank you Losp : ))
Sep 19 2009 14:59 GMT martini957
Thank you Bro : ))
Sep 19 2009 15:00 GMT martini957
Thank you Senna3
Sep 21 2009 07:23 GMT teddybear2
I think you are very brave. It is amazing what we do for a FT photo.
Sep 21 2009 13:13 GMT martini957
LOL...it sure is...thank you Shirley
Sep 21 2009 18:05 GMT LizSA
beautiful and brave photo.... the spider would not eat it....

and I have never tasted a sour prickley pear...... fruit for the kings... :-)
Sep 21 2009 22:32 GMT martini957
LOL...I was using the line of the fox when he couldn't reach the sweet grapes....the spider won't eat it and is preventing me from wanting to eat it...Thank you much LizSA
Sep 23 2009 05:48 GMT JANNYBEAR143
Sep 23 2009 17:05 GMT martini957
Thank you Jannybear....I'm not a fan of spiders
Oct 09 2009 22:25 GMT gafaway
St Andrews Cross... a spider after your own heart... these are not poisionous we had one in our yard in Ontario... about 6 yrs ago I was terrified when I saw it... but an amazing critter... wow... kinda creepy watching it zig-zag though... takes your breath away !!!
Oct 09 2009 22:43 GMT martini957
Yes it was pretty amazing to watch Pam...the wind was blowing the web as the busy spider worked.....very nice to know it isn't poisionous : ))