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My dad has had his faithful little friend for almost 13 years....there is a story he often told of his little dog Coco snapping at some man and the man telling my daddy if that dog bit him he's tap her upside her head...my dad told the man if she bites you, I'll take care of that and if you tap her upside the head I'll take care of that too...and my oldest sister said, "Daddy do you mean to tell me you would have hit that man?" and my daddy said, "if I didn't then God put green apples on a persimmon tree!" My dad sure loves his Coco & she sure loves him....Daddy's body grows weaker and it's hard to watch....I'm so confused how we can deem it HUMANE to ease an animals dying process, but our beloved human beings must endure til that last breath, that last heartbeat....I simply don't understand....please keep the prayers going for my dad & us too...
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Jun 27 2010 17:56 GMT megmet PRO
The tears run down my cheeks as I write this,....it's so very unfair!
I know what you are going through as I watched my beloved Father-in-law like that over twelve weeks, fortunately for him in the end he had a doctor who eased his way... thank God for that doctor who gave him back some dignity and a peaceful ending.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all....God Bless. xx
Jun 27 2010 18:27 GMT Annamaria
I can agree with what Meg writes..... a doctor has eased my daddies way too so he didn't had any pain and had not to suffer any longer.....

You are so right, nancy... its a pity that it is so difficult to get help when humans are suffering! I hope your daddy does not feels any pain.....
Jun 27 2010 18:34 GMT hans55 PRO
my thoughts are with you and your family dear Martini ... i know its hard to see your beloved ones go trough this period ... i went to the same 3 times already ... lets hope he dont has much pain !!
Jun 27 2010 18:39 GMT lossieloon
I can't even begin to understand how you all must be feeling right now Nancy but my thoughts are with you and your family....

It's so touching to see your Dad's little dog curled up by his side and being so protective of him ....
Jun 27 2010 21:43 GMT MargNZ
Nancy my heart goes out to you and the family ... much love x
Jun 27 2010 23:17 GMT Cooler PRO
So sad to hear this, my thoughts and prayers are with you my friend !
Jun 28 2010 02:56 GMT larrybenedict
It might be easier to surrender to the process. It'll be our turn in twenty years.
Jun 28 2010 07:25 GMT Pea2007
My thoughts are still with you.
Jun 28 2010 13:19 GMT marioalbertina
God accompanies your dad in his ordeal !
Jun 29 2010 06:44 GMT teddybear2
Nancy like each of those who have commmented before me My heart goes out to you and your family
God bless
Jun 29 2010 07:48 GMT martini957
Thank you Meg...My daddy went home to Jesus today
Jun 29 2010 07:51 GMT martini957
Thank you Anna-Maria....it is hard to understand why humans must go each step through the process of death...Daddy went home with Jesus today
Jun 29 2010 07:56 GMT martini957
Thank you Hans....the doctors & nurses kept telling us he was not feeling any pain and he didn't appear to be hurting...just looked peaceful...as I watched his body go through the stages of dying...I could only pray Dear Jesus take my daddy on home
Jun 29 2010 07:57 GMT martini957
Thank you Lossieloon
Jun 29 2010 07:58 GMT martini957
Thank you Margaret
Jun 29 2010 07:58 GMT martini957
Thank you Cooler
Jun 29 2010 08:00 GMT martini957
Not promised the next hour, minute, or second Larry...pays to be prayed up & ready to go...Thank you
Jun 29 2010 08:00 GMT martini957
Thank you Pea
Jun 29 2010 08:02 GMT martini957
Yes He sure does...as the old gospel song goes...my dad won't have to cross Jordan alone....Thank you Marioalbertina
Jun 29 2010 08:03 GMT martini957
Thank you Shirley
Jun 30 2010 16:39 GMT Papagena
My sincere condolences Shirly, my thoughts are with you and your family.......