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Broken hearted...I was told via AT&T that my area now has U-verse.....was rather pleased to hear this & accepted it to be installed at my home...several men working from 10AM to 6PM today with no luck in getting her up and running.....they are coming back tomorrow to try a few other things before telling me sorry, you can't have U-verse afterall....and if this wasn't bad enough to deal with...I left my camera, my bestest friend down in Clinton at my mother's house.....couldn't take a picture of anything broken.....but tomorrow will be just fine and dandy because I'm going to fetch my bestest friend and if I can't get U-verse...my attitude will be that of the fox...those grapes were no doubt sour anyway : ))
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 25 2011 22:48 GMT clintonfolks
cheer up sis.. you still have me .. lol..
Mar 25 2011 22:56 GMT martini957
AND...I forgot to add that I found a precious bird dead on the ground while outside talking to the AT&T man....so sad....made my heart hurt...I buried it : (
Thank you Bro...at least my internet is back on
Mar 26 2011 01:43 GMT MargNZ
Oh my it was a bad day all round Nancy ... I hope the grapes are a little sweeter today :))
Mar 26 2011 03:22 GMT jomoud PRO
A broken day all around:(:(
Great entry though
Glad to read that your internet is up:)
Have a great weekend myd ear friend
Mar 26 2011 03:42 GMT martini957
Me too Margaret...but if it weren't for those broken moments...I'd no doubt fail to appreciate the whole of happiness : ))
Mar 26 2011 03:45 GMT martini957
Thank you Jomoud...it was a hectic day....but finding the little bird made me realize just how petty my little issues truly are...A great weekend wish for you : ))
Mar 26 2011 06:07 GMT Pea2007
I was sorry to hear about your bad day Nancy,I only hope your weekend gets does you better.
Mar 26 2011 07:51 GMT senna3
A broken day indeed Nancy, but as Dave said, you still have your brother!
Mar 26 2011 08:56 GMT Annamaria
And besides Dave, you have ALLLLLL of your FT-friends to cheer you up!! ;-))

I hope you will have a splendid weekend, dear Nancy!!
Mar 26 2011 10:11 GMT bandsix
Oh dear, things can only get better :))
Mar 26 2011 10:25 GMT LizSA
Beautiful broken friday entry.... sad but nothing that cannot be fixed today... enjoy your visit to Dave today... and take a photo of his bedroom cupboard with the two mirrors...:-)
and if you have your AT&T you can even phone me right here in SA.. lol
Mar 26 2011 17:51 GMT Papagena
A special day to forget !! I hope in the meantime everything is ok again, Nancy and you can enjoy your weekend !!

Mar 26 2011 18:13 GMT martini957
Thank you Pea : ))
Mar 26 2011 18:14 GMT martini957
LOL...yep, I may not have U-verse...but I have my Big Bro...Thanks Peter : ))
Mar 26 2011 18:15 GMT martini957
Thank you Anna-Maria...you're so right.....love my FT friends/family : ))
Mar 26 2011 18:17 GMT martini957
Thank you Bandsix : ))
Mar 26 2011 18:36 GMT martini957
Thank you Liz....I woke up to a cold & rainy day with sad news of my father-in-law's death : (
I didn't know him well....only met him three times and couldn't understand him well enough to carry on a conversation with him...he spoke Italian but could speak English a little.

I was hoping to get U-verse via AT&T....here's some info on it
The AT&T service man came out today on this cold & rainy day to try again to get a reading on the wire...told me he was going to have to dig a pit and would get back with me after the pit work...so I may be able to get U-verse....time will tell.....I can call anywhere in the USA.....so pack your bags up & move to my calling range...you'll be closer to your babies too Liz : ))
Mar 26 2011 18:42 GMT martini957
Thank you Ruth....we have our share of rainy days and sunny ones....sad and happy ones...but always so much to be thankful for : ))
Mar 27 2011 14:12 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful work here Nancy, sure hope you get your digital TV and better internet connection ;-)
Apr 12 2011 03:51 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Love the shot!!
Apr 12 2011 04:31 GMT martini957
Thanks Cooler...the :mens" are still working on it...no news is good news I reckon : ))
Apr 12 2011 04:31 GMT martini957
Thanks Wildspirit : ))