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The Goodwill Mud Run is a 3.5-mile obstacle course designed in Marine Corps boot camp tradition. The race is run by teams of four and features over 30 obstacles, including climbing walls, cargo nets, low crawls, rope bridges, swings, stream runs and a giant mud pit!

Speed divisions

A team's speed division should be selected based on the SLOWEST team member's average 1-mile run time (not on an obstacle course, but on a flat stretch of road.)

Division A – "Out for Blood"
Division A Teams are fast, well-trained runners (all team members should be able to run a normal mile in under 7 minutes).

Division B - "We Can Move"
Division B Teams are in good physical shape and are ready to do their best (mile run time of 7 - 9 minutes).

Division C – "Jogging Is More Our Style"
Division C Teams are there to have fun and break a little sweat (mile run time of 9-12 minutes).

Division D – "What Were We Thinking?"
Division D teams will jog and walk... and will be happy to finish the race (mile run time of 12-15 minutes).

Division F - "If We're Not Back In An Hour And A Half, Come Find Us!"
Division F teams will jog slowly and walk... and will be happy to survive the race (mile run time of over 15 minutes).

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 02 2011 18:18 GMT sini
I think division F is best for me!:)
Oct 02 2011 18:43 GMT Annamaria
A will join Sini's team...;-))
Oct 02 2011 19:28 GMT teddybear2
yep I am in sinis team as well
Oct 02 2011 19:45 GMT roncarlin PRO
This shot is a real winner. Great photo
Oct 02 2011 19:47 GMT marijke06
great series!
Oct 02 2011 20:40 GMT abojovna PRO
... and very good photo, I loved the wet nude corp of this guy!
Oct 02 2011 21:02 GMT wijnie58
Oke can I help sini to.................
Oct 02 2011 22:07 GMT clintonfolks
great series .. who won.?
Oct 02 2011 22:34 GMT martini957
LOL...I hear ya Sini and find that Division F appeals more to me than any of the others ; ))
Oct 02 2011 22:35 GMT martini957
Smart choice...Thanks Anna-Maria : ))
Oct 02 2011 22:36 GMT martini957
Another smart lady....Thanks Shirley : ))
Oct 02 2011 22:36 GMT martini957
Thank you Ron : ))
Oct 02 2011 22:36 GMT martini957
Thank you Marijke : ))
Oct 02 2011 22:38 GMT martini957
Thank you Abojovna....that red mud was not an easy task to wash off ; ))
Oct 02 2011 22:41 GMT martini957
Sounds good to me Wijnie : ))
Oct 02 2011 22:43 GMT martini957
I'm not sure Bro...I think it was all just for fun...no winners or losers : ))
Oct 02 2011 23:06 GMT hans55 PRO
great fun series !!! :-))
Oct 02 2011 23:09 GMT martini957
Thank you Hans : ))
Oct 03 2011 02:44 GMT potterjo
sini is going to have a great team! Actually the shower at the end is about my speed.
Great shot!
Oct 03 2011 02:55 GMT martini957
Thank you potterJo : ))
Oct 03 2011 18:28 GMT bandsix
Whichever one he's in will do for me :))

but in reality, I'm with sini and the gang!
Oct 04 2011 03:53 GMT MargNZ
A starter in Division F for me Nancy .... this is so funny , love the humour.
Great photo too :))
Oct 04 2011 07:21 GMT senna3
I would like to add Division G "Back in 5 min." (for cyclists)!
Oct 04 2011 12:33 GMT martini957
He was in division C .....I'm with you on Sini's choice....Thanks Bandsix : ))
Oct 04 2011 12:35 GMT martini957
I hear ya Marg....it was all fun to WATCH : )) Thanks
Oct 04 2011 12:36 GMT martini957
I can so picture that Peter....Thanks : ))
Oct 04 2011 13:42 GMT peterpinhole
Looks like a tough race ....great series.
Nice capture of this guy enjoying his welcome reward at the finish:)
Oct 05 2011 23:59 GMT martini957
Thank you Peter : ))