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Little Spice born July 2001....I adopted him when he was 7 weeks old from the Greenville Humane Society. My husband started calling him Puppy and the name stuck. See picture link of Puppy today below
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 23 2010 08:37 GMT hans55 PRO
those ears !!! ...cute !!
Feb 23 2010 08:39 GMT MargNZ
Very sweet and happy memories :)
Feb 23 2010 09:30 GMT losp
Puppy showing his expression of intelligence, kindness
etc + its "unique" body form .. Excellent portraiture !
Feb 23 2010 10:26 GMT clintonfolks
cute , cute.!!!
Feb 23 2010 11:01 GMT charlotte
what a doll!!!!!
Feb 23 2010 16:03 GMT lossieloon
I hope he grew into those ears!!! :-))
Feb 23 2010 16:57 GMT martini957
Hans, I can recall the moment I saw him and his two little sisters....I wanted all three but settled for one...my husband was out in our yard when I pulled up with the wee pup in my arms and I could hear him saying NO NANCY...NO MORE DOGS as I walked into the house lol...a little too late for this strong message for this cute puppy had me hook, line, & sinker : ))
Feb 23 2010 17:04 GMT martini957
Thank you Margaret....I'm a sucker for puppies....just like an alcoholic with a bar....I must steer clear of places that puppy dogs are at : ))
Feb 23 2010 17:04 GMT martini957
Thank you Losp : ))
Feb 23 2010 17:05 GMT martini957
Thank you Bro : ))
Feb 23 2010 17:05 GMT martini957
Thank you Charlotte : ))
Feb 23 2010 17:06 GMT martini957
Yes he sure did Lossieloon...Thanks : ))
Feb 23 2010 17:36 GMT charlie26
What a sweet dog. Very cute.
Feb 23 2010 21:28 GMT SIGMUND
lovely and cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 23 2010 22:14 GMT martini957
Thank you Charlie : ))
Feb 23 2010 22:15 GMT martini957
Thank you SIGMUND : ))
Feb 24 2010 00:49 GMT gafaway
you would never know that this little guy with the giant ears would grow up to be the dog he is today... I would never be able to match up these two photos
Feb 24 2010 03:07 GMT martini957
Big difference for sure Pam....he is what I call my problem child....he can't stand for me to sweep, mop, scrub anything in the kitchen or bathroom...he will attack my mop or broom...and run around in circles barking his head off when I scrub things he can't reach...he is totally against any type of housework lol....at bedtime he wants all his toys on the bed and then will use his nose to push them off the bed and starts whining with a constant hummm...hummm...hummm until I go and fetch all of them back up on the bed for him...and the whole process starts again....he is a strange dog for sure...he was hand raised...maybe it did something to him huh : ):
Feb 24 2010 19:20 GMT flypete67
my what big ears you've got but your still cute
Feb 24 2010 22:24 GMT martini957
Thank you Flypete : ))