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I need a brain, a heart, a heap of courage, and a trip to Kansas sounds mighty find too...so I'm off to see the Wizard...the wonderful Wizard of Oz...but seriously...I'm only going to get my computer fixed...it's having issues : (

Hopefully my number one son the PC doctor man will show up tomorrow & get my sick baby all well again : ))

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 04 2009 07:21 GMT senna3
Nice scenery!
Good luck with your PC Nancy!
Oct 04 2009 07:48 GMT iyerhari
great pic.:)
Oct 04 2009 10:53 GMT clintonfolks
great photo sis..
Oct 04 2009 13:51 GMT cannella
i cross my fingers!!! :-)
Oct 04 2009 14:20 GMT martini957
Thank you Peter, my computer sure seems to work well until I work with pictures and video clips....my son will fix it today I hope....he's a busy young man...burns his candle at both ends and in the middle too lol
Oct 04 2009 14:21 GMT martini957
Thank you Iyerhari : ))
Oct 04 2009 14:21 GMT martini957
Thank you Bro : ))
Oct 04 2009 14:24 GMT martini957
Thank you Cannella....I've tried everything I know to do to solve the issues with no luck...so I cried on my son's shoulder lol...hopefully he will come today and fix the problems
Oct 05 2009 09:30 GMT MargNZ
Didn't we have son's so they could fix our computers ? Great photo Nancy :)
Oct 05 2009 16:17 GMT martini957
LOL...we sure did!
He didn't make it over yesterday...but I feel certain the more I call & bug him... he will place me on the TOP of his to do list : ))

Thank you MargNZ
Oct 05 2009 16:33 GMT hishamon
great photo!!!!!!!!!
Oct 05 2009 18:31 GMT LizSA
lovely Kansas shot....
Yellow brick road... you took to Kansas.......!!
Oct 05 2009 23:57 GMT martini957
Thank you Hishamon : ))
Oct 05 2009 23:57 GMT martini957
Thank you LizSA : ))
Oct 06 2009 00:19 GMT teddybear2
wonderful shot Nancy
I sure could borrow your son. I am sure my computor guy is trying to bankrupt me.
Please he is a nice guy and I can trust him or I really would be bankrupt
Oct 06 2009 00:30 GMT martini957
Lord knows I'd hate to pay to get mine fixed lol...of course I may just end up having to sweeten the pot with some $$$$$$$ to get my son over here LOL

Thank you Shirley : ))