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Have you ever seen a stray dog with ribs showing and thought God please take care of that precious animal...or maybe you're one of those few that threw food out a good piece from your home to help but not be burdened with a stray animal taking up at your home....but just how many of us are willing to put ourself out to help a stray animal....some folks say I'll get my gun and solve this problem.....and some call their local animal shelter to handle the problem...isn't it much easier to expect God or other folks to do the good deed rather than self?

I have a sister who goes that extra mile to help any living creature be they of two legs or four without one single thought of self....her sight is upon the need to help anyway that she can....she's well known for having a heart the size of Texas and a brain the size of a mustard seed by folks that know her well...Some say she doesn't think of tomorrow...only of today...but she says that she takes one day at a time doing her best with perfect faith that God will do the rest....

She noticed a pitiful mother dog who had made a home in the thicket to birth her puppies....not on my sister's land...but that of her neighbors....my sister kept taking food to the mother dog until she gained her trust and was able to move the mother and five puppies to her land....So easy to deem her a fool to take on a burden of a mother dog and five puppies....but it hit me hard.....what are you doing Nancy?....Why, I'm sitting in judgement Lord...I'm here to find fault with my sister who is doing something to help while although I claim it does break my heart on the poor animals situation...I sit back and do nothing....I simply can't get involved....would be too much of a heavy load upon me.....but which of us...my sister and I is God most pleased with? which one of us dares to care without thought of SELF? .....So easy to get wrapped up in SELF....striving to meet the needs of self and most of the wants too....but it takes a special kind of human being that is willing to give their all when they see a need....I'm quite positive that God knows well just how great of a job I've done in meeting my needs & wants.....I'm sure that He gets the picture on just how much I love me.....but is that what my purpose here on earth is all about? Who and what we love most will be clearly seen via your actions or lack of actions....There is a wonderful message to ponder upon....What does God think about me when He thinks about me....does He see an unselfish heart most willing to go that extra mile plus more to give a helping hand or one that will give as long as it's no hardship to us? God bless you my sister for your heart is doing His will for all of His creatures that you happen upon in your walk of life...I love you : ))
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 06 2011 17:03 GMT abojovna PRO

I never read it so beautiful confession! God bless you and your sisters, Nancy!
Oct 06 2011 17:15 GMT senna3
This is a remarkable essay. Nancy you are a great writer!
Your story is also so wonderfully illustrated!
Oct 06 2011 17:26 GMT hans55 PRO
good that there are people on this earth like your sister ... i think its our choice to take a dog as pet ...so its our duty to take care of them !!!
Oct 06 2011 17:41 GMT Annamaria
Great story, Nancy! Your sister has a good heart.... just like you have.... we all help in different ways... so do you!!
Oct 06 2011 18:14 GMT bandsix
Reading your story gave me goosebumps Nancy...I think your sister is an amazing woman, and thank God for people like her...there are some cruel people out there.....
Oct 06 2011 18:31 GMT LizSA
God Bless You ... God bless your Sister. thank you for helping this dog..
make me feel real quilty,,, not doing my share out there.
Oct 06 2011 18:50 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Abojovna : ))
Oct 06 2011 18:55 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Peter : ))
Oct 06 2011 18:56 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Hans and I agree with you 100% : ))
Oct 06 2011 18:57 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Anna-Maria...you very kind : ))
Oct 06 2011 19:03 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Bandsix....and an amazing part about my sister is that she not only dives in to help...to do whatever she can...she doesn't sit in judgement of all of those who do nothing to help....which to me is a genuine spirit within her...because a heap of do-gooders do indeed grumble and complain about all that they are doing while others live high on the hog offering little to no help at all : ))
Oct 06 2011 19:07 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Liz.....trust me I understand your feelings very much so...I too.. am most guilty of doing nothing....my excuse to justify my lack of actions is that I can't save them all and I already have 6 animals to care for...but that's plain ole hogwash....I most certainly can do more than I'm doing...my sister is living proof of this : ))
Oct 06 2011 20:32 GMT Ada90
What a nice shot.What a kind person your sister is!!!!good job.
Oct 06 2011 20:42 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Ada : ))
Oct 06 2011 20:52 GMT wijnie58
Very cute picture martini. A lots of work!!!
Oct 06 2011 23:37 GMT clintonfolks
wonderful story sis.!!!
Oct 07 2011 00:23 GMT teddybear2
Your sister sounds like an incredible lady and I believe you are as well or you would not see the good in what she is doing. God loves you both
Oct 07 2011 00:39 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Wijnie : ))
Oct 07 2011 00:41 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Bro...did it maybe touch your heart enough to give you super powers to lift that dog house out of your backyard for our sister : ))
Oct 07 2011 00:44 GMT martini957
Thank you very much Shirley...you're sweet : ))
Oct 07 2011 10:16 GMT clintonfolks
i could move my house , easier than that big dog house. it will have to be torn down..
Oct 07 2011 18:15 GMT martini957
LOL...I understand...but I do believe that daddy would have figured some way of getting it out of your yard...I miss him & his way of getting what seemed impossible done : ))
Oct 10 2011 19:27 GMT charlie26
Great story. You must be proud of her. Nice shot too.
Oct 10 2011 19:29 GMT martini957
Thank you Charlie...I am : ))