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I scanned this picture from an old postcard my dad had....I recall my dad telling me about being on this ship...He said he had never been out of his small hometown before being drafted into the Army and boarding this ship...he said he was feeling mighty sick to his stomach when an Army Sargent said, "what's the matter Private Nelson, feeling sea sick?" ...my dad said yes, thinking the Sargent would offer some compassion & help, but the Sargent only told him to get down below & peel potatoes....my dad said the belly of the ship was even worse on his nausea...I told my dad that was horrible what the Sargent did to him and I'll never forget what my dad said....He said NO, that Sargent taught me a valuable lesson...not to complain, because things could be a lot worse...He said he learned mighty fast to deny any discomfort when asked how he was doing from then on.

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 03 2010 20:40 GMT Icandoit
interesting composition TFS
Sep 03 2010 20:43 GMT Sheila PRO
Great story. Reminds me of the first time I played the organ at a funeral and got upset because it was for a young man. Afterwards the vicar stood with his face right close to mine and said "If you can't do your job, you're no use to me." It never happened again!
Sep 03 2010 20:43 GMT martini957
Thank you Icandoit
Sep 03 2010 20:53 GMT sini
Great sepia entry!:)
Sep 03 2010 20:56 GMT martini957
Oh my....that must have been tough on you...learning to control your heartfelt emotions....so much easier to just let our emotions rule us rather than us rule them...Thanks Sheila
Sep 03 2010 20:57 GMT martini957
Thank you Sini
Sep 03 2010 21:40 GMT yvonNL
Impressive boat! Have a wonderful weekend
Sep 03 2010 21:52 GMT CBLADE007
Excellent entry
Sep 03 2010 22:05 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful entry and story Nancy .. a tough lesson in life :)
Sep 03 2010 23:43 GMT peterpinhole
Great story and a wonderful entry!
Sep 04 2010 02:15 GMT martini957
Thank you Yvon
Sep 04 2010 02:16 GMT martini957
Thank you CBLADE
Sep 04 2010 02:16 GMT martini957
Thank you Margaret
Sep 04 2010 02:16 GMT martini957
Thank you Peter
Sep 04 2010 02:21 GMT beady
An interesting story....thanks
Sep 04 2010 02:25 GMT martini957
Thank you Beady....my dad was full of interesting stories, I just hope I don't forget them all over time now that he isn't here to remind me : (
Sep 04 2010 05:01 GMT Annamaria
Great shot with great memories to you, Nancy!! You will remember it till end of time... just belief you will!! No doubts.....
Sep 04 2010 05:51 GMT senna3
Great story Nancy and a magnificent choice for the Friday theme!
Sep 04 2010 15:54 GMT iyerhari
great deatils and the entry!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 04 2010 22:38 GMT gafaway
what life is made of... memories...
beautiful entry Nancy !
Sep 06 2010 01:48 GMT Studio88
What Doesn't Kill Us - Makes Us Stronger!!! Wonderful Story To Share...Thanks ;-)
Sep 16 2010 00:05 GMT cardlady PRO
Wonderful memories....great lesson.
Sep 16 2010 01:30 GMT martini957
Thank you AnnaMaria
Sep 16 2010 01:30 GMT martini957
Thank you Peter
Sep 16 2010 01:30 GMT martini957
Thank you Hunju
Sep 16 2010 01:31 GMT martini957
Thank you Iyerhari
Sep 16 2010 01:31 GMT martini957
Thank you Pam
Sep 16 2010 01:31 GMT martini957
Thank you Howard
Sep 16 2010 01:31 GMT martini957
Thank you CardLady