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Fabrizio De Andr


The song “Dormono sulla collina” (“They sleep on the hill”) is the introductory track of the album “Non al denaro non all’ amore ne al cielo“ ("Not to money, not to love, neither to heaven") that the Genoesan singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André wrote and set to music, referring to the book "Spoon River Anthology" of the us writer Edgar Lee Masters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoon_River_Anthology
The album includes eight tracks as epitaphs of imaginary characters who would rest in Spoon River graveyard.
We remember: a judge, a madman, a blasphemer, a heart patient, a doctor, a chemist, an optician, the player Jones.


Where has Elmer gone
Who of fever let himself die
Where's Herman burnt in the mines.
Where are Bert and Tom
the first killed in a brawl
and the other who already dead came out of jail.
And what about Charley
who fell while working
from the bridge flew and flew on the road.

They sleep, sleep on the hill
They sleep, sleep on the hill.
Where are Ella and Kate
Both death in error
one of abortion, the other of love.
And Maggie killed in a brothel
by the strokes of an animal
and Edith consumed by a strange disease.
And Lizzie that chased life
far away, and from England
was brought back in this palm plot

They sleep, sleep on the hill
They sleep, sleep on the hill.
Where are the generals
Who adorned themselves in battles
With cemeteries of crosses on their breast
where the children of war
left for an ideal
for a scam, for a love gone wrong
they have sent back home
their remains in the barriers
tied tight so that they would seem in one piece..

They sleep, sleep on the hill
They sleep, sleep on the hill.
Where is Jones the player
Who was surprised by his ninety years
and with life he would have still played.
He who offered his face to the wind
his throat to wine and never a thought
not to money, not to love nor to heaven.
Him yes it seems to hear him
chattering again dirty things
eaten on the street in the wrong hours
it seems to hear him again
telling the liquor merchant
"You that you sell it, what do you buy yourself of best? "
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Nov 01 2010 20:44 GMT gafaway
to be human...
Nov 01 2010 20:59 GMT soldier
Amazing photo my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 01 2010 21:26 GMT sini
Nice shot!:)
Nov 04 2010 08:09 GMT senna3
Wonderful entry!