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fur Elise!!
special delivery: hatshop in Amsterdam...:)


hats and things in a shop in Amsterdam....after some research, you see the Streetlife shop at the other side of the street: and there are three streetlife shops in amsterdam, as far as I can find:
Ferdinand Bolstraat, Haarlemmerdijk, and Nieuwe Hoogstraat, I think it was the last....:)

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 28 2006 16:25 GMT Olympe1961
Oh yes !!! superb collection of hats here !
Nov 28 2006 16:26 GMT charlotte
ja daar ishet ook, bij die streetlife winkel vind je altijd wat moois in de uitverkoop!
Nov 28 2006 16:27 GMT marijke06
charlotte: kijk daar heb je dus amsterdammer-kenners voor nodig, ik was dichtbij, maar als je zomaar wat loopt in amsterdam heb je geen idee waar je nu precies geweest bent...:))
Nov 28 2006 16:32 GMT hallo
I wish I can spend a minute in there...we don't have hat shops here :)
Nov 28 2006 16:38 GMT marijke06
hallo, which one do you like?...:)
Nov 28 2006 17:08 GMT Lensvision
Leuke hoedjes!!!
Nov 28 2006 17:29 GMT PhotoPro PRO
and a beautiful reflection! :)
Nov 28 2006 17:32 GMT marijke06
pp: I think you see the son of Kaska: jacques...I am not sure...:)
Nov 28 2006 17:32 GMT will
I think the grey tweed might be just the hat for the Alfa...very sportive..:)
Nov 28 2006 17:33 GMT marijke06
will: we can try the hat first....the Alfa will come later...:))
Nov 28 2006 17:37 GMT Elise
yessssssssss! I know the place thank you....will go there this weekend...I have more time shopping and fotoshooting :))
Nov 28 2006 17:38 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Love the explosion of color!
Nov 28 2006 17:40 GMT marijke06
Elise, don't forget to show us the proof you've been here...:)))
Nov 28 2006 17:55 GMT will
As usual, you are right marijke. The hat must come first...do you think they can order it in a nice shade of blue?
Nov 28 2006 17:59 GMT Kaska
Love your shot! and you can indeed see where you are :)
Nov 28 2006 18:02 GMT marijke06
kaska, dou you think it is J.?
Nov 28 2006 18:05 GMT marijke06
will, as you may know: as long as you don't have the right hat.....there never will be any Alfa.....:)))) (proverbtuesday)
elise is going there this weekend, she will ask for the blue-shade-one.....sure! :))
Nov 28 2006 18:06 GMT Kaska
oh, now I see him too, I was looking at the reflection further to the left!\
yes, i think it's him.
love such shots where you have what you have almost 3dimentions...
Nov 28 2006 18:08 GMT schwc125
all the reflections really add a lot to the whole picture!
Nov 28 2006 18:19 GMT will
Proverb Tuesday: "A true Classic will never go out of style, good things come in small packages; and, some things are worth waiting for"..:)))...and thanks in advance elise, it's a size 7 and 1/8...:))
Nov 28 2006 18:58 GMT abojovna PRO
:-) I like it so much !!!!!!
Nov 28 2006 20:22 GMT Riet
I haven't seen a hat shop in 40 years! I love it!
Nov 28 2006 20:35 GMT CB
Love your colors... always did :)
Nov 29 2006 08:48 GMT charlotte
Nov 29 2006 09:39 GMT LizSA
MMMM...thanks...Kaska led me hear....and I can see your reflections.....
what a beautiful photo...!!!
Nov 29 2006 23:33 GMT wifey
At first I thought these were effects created in a photo manipulating programme… then I realized it was a window!… a gorgeous, extraordinary window!! Superb!!!
Nov 30 2006 07:20 GMT marijke06
yes wifey, I better had told about the reflections....I only was busy with finding the picture of the hat shop for Elise... so I forgot that....
mostly I don't use manipulating programs for my images here...:))