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reflections in a painting

(my late dad was the painter of this piece, so love for reflections is a family trait?..:))
specially for reflectionthursday, he would have been 100 this year)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 05 2011 19:58 GMT Foggydew
I knew there was art in this famliy - beautiful painting :)
Oct 05 2011 20:00 GMT marijke06
maybe :)
Oct 05 2011 20:03 GMT saffi9
wonderful marijke
Oct 05 2011 20:16 GMT sini
I look at this every day!:)
Oct 05 2011 20:20 GMT gafaway
beautiful entry...
Oct 05 2011 20:32 GMT psb64
Oct 05 2011 20:35 GMT jomoud PRO
Holland's glorie in de polder.
I love this entry
your dad was a wonderful artist :)
Oct 05 2011 21:15 GMT Bigbear10
A wonderful reflective painting
Oct 05 2011 21:45 GMT wijnie58
Geweldig gedaan Marijke.
De molen geeft een bijzondere reflectie in het water.....:-))
Oct 05 2011 23:29 GMT hans55 PRO
a fantastic and very special reflections entry Marijke !!
Oct 06 2011 02:09 GMT fhelsing PRO
What a lovely painting!
Oct 06 2011 02:30 GMT potterjo
Your dad was a very talented artist.
Oct 06 2011 04:56 GMT MargNZ
A beautiful family treasure Marijke .... lovely entry :)
Oct 06 2011 05:44 GMT hallo

You know the proverb "chicks of ducks also float"...well done marijke!
Oct 06 2011 06:38 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
A lovely painting indeed!
Oct 06 2011 09:02 GMT linnywv PRO
A beautiful keepsake by a very talented Father!
Oct 06 2011 11:51 GMT Annamaria
Your father was a talented painter, Marijke... its as clear as a picture!!
Oct 06 2011 15:00 GMT Donjames
Wow so beautiful
Oct 06 2011 15:03 GMT Macfudge
It must have taken him some time to paint this great work with all that fantastic detail. I am sure he found it very relaxing. Thank you for sharing.:-)
Oct 06 2011 15:03 GMT elsje323
beautiful and special entry Marijke
Oct 06 2011 15:05 GMT senna3
This is most beautiful, the colours are wonderful!
Oct 06 2011 18:21 GMT bandsix
A brilliant work by your dear Father....you must be so pleased to have this, it's really lovely!
Oct 06 2011 20:16 GMT teddybear2
WOW this is awesome and such a great tribute to your very talented Dad
Oct 07 2011 19:57 GMT Pea2007
Wonderful entry.
Oct 08 2011 04:00 GMT larrybenedict
I echo the compliments of this painting here. Beautiful work. Seriously! Was your father a professional artist? I'm sure he must have sold some paintings in his lifetime.
Attention to detail is really super.
Oct 08 2011 11:06 GMT marijke06
my father was an autodidact in everything, intelligent, but I think he was too much a perfectionist to choose one thing....he liked everything to do and he was able to do very much different things....but his perfectionism was his bottle-neck :).
Oct 08 2011 15:52 GMT Hanny50
Super reflection Marijke!!
Oct 08 2011 15:56 GMT larrybenedict
I completely understand Marijke. I'm a little that way myself. Maybe not so intelligent, but I do like to do many things, and I like to do them well. I've been told that I get to "hung up" with minutia instead of moving on to the next task at hand.
Oct 08 2011 16:07 GMT ujbanyiv
Wonderful Photo.
Oct 08 2011 17:08 GMT Cronos1
Oct 08 2011 19:40 GMT marijke06
so since you know this larry, you know how to change :)....easier rais than done :)
Oct 08 2011 22:20 GMT Petra17
What a superb legacy, great choice and Thank You for sharing it with us.
Oct 09 2011 00:47 GMT peterpinhole
Beautiful painting and such a special keepsake of your fathers talent.
Oct 11 2011 09:38 GMT carla53
beautiful reflection