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hehe....traffic jam an hour ago...:))
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 23 2006 17:50 GMT Y5
jamin' ;)
looks cool, nice "tunes"
Nov 23 2006 18:02 GMT Bali
looks very good!!!
Nov 23 2006 18:04 GMT LizSA
Traffic hour.......5 0'clock.....!!!
Lovel colours....!!!
Nov 23 2006 18:12 GMT hotrodharleys
Cool...passing a speed bump or bumped into someones bumper ?...reffering to bump in yellow an red lines ;0)
Nov 23 2006 18:12 GMT Maaya
.......electrified shot !!!!!!!!!!
Nov 23 2006 18:29 GMT marijke06
hotrod: look carefully: you see the left mirror from my car, in that mirror you see the frontlight of the car behind me....but because the picture was taken slowly because of the darkness, and I forgot that it wasn't really taken at that moment, .....I moved the cam to put it besides me....I thought it was ready, you see my movement over my driving weel.....from the left to the right...:))
I like the shot, don't know why...:)
Nov 23 2006 18:34 GMT korni
Very impressive!
Nov 23 2006 18:43 GMT jomoud PRO
I like this shot as well
it is quite different and captivating
Nov 23 2006 18:56 GMT hans55 PRO
well for some reason this is a very interresting foto ... well done !!
Nov 23 2006 19:31 GMT Macfudge
Interesting foto!
Nov 23 2006 20:33 GMT hotrodharleys
Had to go x-large for a closer study...a really cool shot
Nov 23 2006 22:16 GMT Lie
Er reden vast wel autoŽs aan de strepen te zien, maar af en toe is het hopeloos hier, ik zou zoŽn mooie streep van jou door de file willen zetten !
Nov 23 2006 23:46 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great shot - well done - it is amazing what fun you can have with a digital camera isn't it Marijke!
Nov 24 2006 03:38 GMT pieters
Interesting indeed
Nov 24 2006 09:30 GMT senna3
Fantastic picture!
Nov 24 2006 10:33 GMT hamrahi
Very Interesting shot:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;
Nov 24 2006 14:51 GMT abojovna PRO
hehe, nice, i have something in my archive! :-)
Nov 24 2006 18:40 GMT NeiK
Your traffic jam looks very nice!
Nov 25 2006 08:06 GMT bluefam
very interesting.