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Tags cola macro

516 views 1 person's favourite photo

cola in such a terrible plastic "cup"
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 15 2006 20:20 GMT Kaska
and such an interesting photo... you see it everywhere :)
Dec 15 2006 20:34 GMT marijke06
kaska, I prefer glass, I think you too?
Dec 15 2006 20:39 GMT NeiK
Wow! Great idea for a photo! I would have never guessed what that is. :)
Dec 15 2006 20:39 GMT Kaska
definitely, but the picture is intresting...
I didn't guess what it was, I always try to find out what is in the photo before reading the capture...
Dec 15 2006 20:47 GMT charlotte
wow, impressive
Dec 15 2006 22:06 GMT DGM
I couldnt have guessed it until you say cola!!

Nice pic
Dec 15 2006 22:36 GMT PhotoPro PRO
sure makes for a great pic!
Dec 15 2006 23:50 GMT fainmen
Dec 16 2006 00:29 GMT losp

Creative capture of such "imaging/reflecting" bubbles or droplets !!!
Dec 16 2006 00:42 GMT Macfudge
You just cannot get away from it!
Dec 16 2006 01:08 GMT potterjo
Makes for and interresting pic
Dec 16 2006 02:06 GMT aquiles PRO
EXTRAORDINARIA FOTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 16 2006 03:29 GMT will
Yes, but you wouldn't have gotten quite the same effect with glass...is plastic good for something? Here I would have to say...YES..:)))
Dec 16 2006 04:16 GMT abojovna PRO
He he tonight i had cola! In KFC! Not love of Cola! But this shot is fantastic!
Dec 16 2006 06:59 GMT hallo
Is it Pepsi or Coca Cola :))))
Dec 16 2006 08:18 GMT elbeaver
oh I like it from a plastic cup haha /me silly

good photo!!!
Dec 16 2006 09:16 GMT limE
interesting macro! I thought at first it was a wall with paint/wall paper problems! (^u^)
Dec 16 2006 20:02 GMT fhelsing PRO
glass is better, but this still looks cool!
Dec 16 2006 20:57 GMT Elise
it looks fantastic....I dont care about the taste :))
Dec 17 2006 01:54 GMT curves PRO
Your work has changed so much over these months that it has been a pleasure at most every new posting........love how you are expanging your subjects and pov's..........Thanks
Dec 17 2006 01:58 GMT jceca PRO
yep.... will is right !!!!!
looks fantastic exactly because of this plastic cup ..... :-)
bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 17 2006 11:41 GMT hamrahi
fantastic photo............................................
Dec 18 2006 14:52 GMT abojovna PRO