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shoes with number in the supermarket this morning
shoes waiting for a present from the supermarket's Santa Claus

don't ask too much, don't be disappointed if you don't get a present as large as you should like to get...

Proverb: Who will not keep a penny, never shall have many

Spreekwoord: wie 't kleine niet eert, is 't grote niet weerd

I should like it very much if english was my native language....(this is sooooo tough for me to explain ...:))
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 27 2006 15:16 GMT Taxonomist
I think that we all understood my dear friend :-) ... and if not ... what's the problem? The picture speaks for you :-)
Very funny indeed :-)
Nov 27 2006 15:16 GMT Foggydew
lovely collection of shoes - puts me in walking mode :)
Nov 27 2006 15:18 GMT hamrahi
Beautiful shot:::::::::::::::::::::::::;
Nov 27 2006 15:23 GMT sini
Oo, kom er eens kijken:) , nice proverb
Nov 27 2006 15:29 GMT will
Yes, your style has changed a little with your 'temporary' on loan camera...but, your photographic intelligence and humor are still very visible.. true artists will always find a way to express themselves marijke, and you're doing a good job of this as usual...great photo..:))
Nov 27 2006 15:42 GMT marijke06
Will, conclusion: a man IS his car, a woman her CAMERA...:)))
Nov 27 2006 15:51 GMT will
Then I sure hope I'm not the car I'm driving right now anyway...but, you know it has been huffing, puffing, squeaking and groaning a lot lately...so you could be right...:)))
Nov 27 2006 15:52 GMT marijke06
Oh Will, didn't I tell you before, that I am always right?...:)))))
Nov 27 2006 15:55 GMT hans55 PRO
very good translated and captured !!!
Nov 27 2006 15:57 GMT hallo
Dear CAMERA, I understood your proverb perfectly well. We have a similar say "save your penny for a dark day"
Fortunately none of your shoes fits me....I saved my money :))
Nov 27 2006 16:00 GMT marijke06
CAR, ♫♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫♫ thank you for the comment! :)
Nov 27 2006 16:02 GMT will
Do you think it would help if I bought that new Alfa Romeo I've always wanted??..and of course you could still be right then too...(as always marijke)..:))))
Nov 27 2006 16:07 GMT marijke06
will, I am sure it will help ! :) and btw, once in your life you have to do what youve always wanted , isn't it?...:) now or within ten years...or so
Ask santa!!!!!!
Nov 27 2006 16:22 GMT will
Quite honestly marijke...if you reall knew me and how I feel about cars, then you'd know I could be completely happy on a bicycle..:)
Nov 27 2006 16:44 GMT marijke06
will, actually you want a new bike, so that's the point..no problem..tell santa...he will understand....:) remeber the pictures of my bike?....did you ever put a picture of your bike here?..show us yours please.:)))
Nov 27 2006 16:49 GMT Kaska
nice proverb and funny photo! didn't know that one actually :)
Nov 27 2006 18:05 GMT Elise
Was this at AH ? seen them too :-))
Nov 27 2006 18:26 GMT marijke06
elise, yes, AH :)))
Nov 27 2006 22:34 GMT jomoud PRO
of course AH:):)
did they have my size??....11
terrific proverb
and wonderful image to represent it
Nov 28 2006 11:18 GMT choices
Funny image, and a great thought for those children!
Nov 28 2006 18:31 GMT Maaya
...sweet image.............

....yep...understood the proverb too !!!!!!!
Nov 28 2006 19:01 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice proverb :-)! Exaktly for me :-D! Lovely shot!
Nov 30 2006 21:08 GMT DGM
We understand it. So dont worry.