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Mamontof fried beef cubes with egg plus fried onion

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 30 2012 03:27 GMT doramandragora
Mamontof is cooking up a storm again, and I would be running far away to the garden to find a carrot or beetroot for dinner... mhm
Oct 30 2012 09:31 GMT mamontof
Ha http://culinaryarts.about.com/od/salads/r/beetsalad.htm and i will add walnuts with chop lemon skin and few avocado and Dragon fruit for dessert
MMMMM i love to joy what ever i duet 8-)
Oct 31 2012 10:43 GMT doramandragora
you should turn it into a profession ;-)
Oct 31 2012 15:43 GMT mamontof
Doris , good gurme food cost money nd time to cook ...easy pick up custumers why love, joy and apresheate quality...complication if you do not show at work its type of business what nice to build and sold - what will hurt your custumers
Maybe one day we meet and i cook some thing