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Comments on this photo:

Aug 01 2010 14:08 GMT Annamaria
Looks like he is dancing....;-))
Aug 01 2010 14:19 GMT mamontof
Anna-Maria , that sweet baby so happy to fly to you as see a carrot in cabbage in your hand ....well result in my memory weary tragic to me from a baby and afther to my transport when lovely Lady mama came see what a idiot feed her baby darling 8-))))
What a memory
Aug 01 2010 19:54 GMT SaoPaulo
Aug 01 2010 20:18 GMT wayoman
The biggest human beings killer in Africa.
Aug 01 2010 21:48 GMT mamontof
Osvaldo , hippo much more aggressive( well in water )
8-) Do you think your SUV can handle that lovely baby push 8-)))
Aug 01 2010 22:08 GMT SaoPaulo
what it is impressive...
the animal is on air... my perception
Aug 01 2010 22:10 GMT mamontof
SaoPaulo , that what take my hart too 8-)
Aug 02 2010 05:04 GMT doramandragora
I have never seen one of these extraordinary creatures... what a beauty! Humans (I don't know what "human" really means anymore...) have hunted this ancient animal close to extinction... for such pathetic gains as the alleged aphrodisia in its horn... I can understand why it feels like wiping humans out of the way... like elephants, rhinos never forget... ( I think no creature ever forgets...)
Aug 02 2010 07:23 GMT glacierman
wow, what a great action shot!
Aug 02 2010 13:41 GMT mamontof
Doris , any wild animal a beautiful , you need simple to try to understand them and like why they are . Well for big Hunter it to be a Hero kill one why bigger them self , it actually sport for mental impotent .More fun try to capture a life big beast and afther drive a way or run , they can not see far so as sun you out of they vision they peaceful as a cow , what a Hero kill or abuse a cow ? Reg aphrodisiac in its horn... well people eat Asparagus or shell to be a horny ...for me nothing horny as side effect gas in stomach , but you right Human mine strange thing.
Reg Human and animal Doris , more i find out about human , deeper i love wild animals. But why know maybe i wrong.
By the way my message system over a limed , so i will try unsfer soon
Aug 02 2010 18:36 GMT charlie26
WOW, superb shot. So great to see.
Aug 02 2010 18:55 GMT mamontof
Charlie26 , Yes the photographer did master shot
Aug 03 2010 08:07 GMT wayoman
No Hyppo in Angola. Not that I know. I think first he would have to catch up with me. I would run like hell!!!
Aug 04 2010 18:05 GMT eMs
Sep 02 2010 07:38 GMT EveCN