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Kharkov Retro Bar Metro station "Studencheskaya

Quick Body art competition vinners
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 06 2012 14:34 GMT saffi9
they look great
Nov 06 2012 15:43 GMT hans55 PRO
sure look like winners to me !! :-)
Nov 06 2012 22:46 GMT junne PRO
great bodies, looks like twins
Nov 06 2012 23:33 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 07 2012 06:44 GMT mamontof
Saffi9 , we should see others
Nov 07 2012 06:44 GMT mamontof
Hans , they Ok !
Nov 07 2012 06:45 GMT mamontof
Gunter , they yang students
Nov 07 2012 06:46 GMT mamontof
Gts126 , mostly important point it was quick
Nov 07 2012 08:30 GMT softimage
fine decoration
Nov 07 2012 08:34 GMT mamontof
Softimage onion have skin too, pricless what under a decoration
Nov 07 2012 15:03 GMT doramandragora
shy girls with peacock feathers... have you become a student again?
Nov 07 2012 16:21 GMT mamontof
Doris , nice to seat in back of bar and observe all that activety ,listening duet battle of two guitar and hide smile in my mustage see faces of yang generation and hay they try win the war of public attention.
Guitarist no need exspose his body , as he good arabic flamenco master , that yang chiks only what they have a meat on top of bones ...so , if they choose that way bring male attention it mean they need attention and that in they situation only one way to be exspose .I meet yang girl at a bar ,she not even 18 ,at some point she do not drink or try jump of neglige ....It just ,hay and in what situation try capture attention , some in personal comunication prefer show hay they educated,they positive sides , when other ...
Jan 27 2013 19:33 GMT Lie
Fantastic shot and lady's...
Jan 27 2013 19:41 GMT mamontof
Lie . Thank you , any pappy when yang look qute