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Room in Tahoe when travel
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 24 2011 21:23 GMT hans55 PRO
what more does a man need !! :-)
a good entry my friend !!
Feb 24 2011 21:36 GMT mamontof
Hans afther 16 hours of drive simple no power to install 5 minute tent on top of the ruff , pull seat to a front and fall down death sleep as a child
Feb 24 2011 21:37 GMT Pea2007
This has all the home conforts, great entry.
Feb 24 2011 21:40 GMT mamontof
Peter some hay i newer miss my California costume king size mattress in a trip
Feb 24 2011 22:24 GMT jomoud PRO
All you need for travel is this and the camera!!!!!!
Great entry my friend
Have a wondeful weekend
Feb 24 2011 22:25 GMT Icandoit
lovely room
Feb 24 2011 22:35 GMT mamontof
John , a good company and long vacation (with some finance ) that will be great package
Feb 24 2011 22:41 GMT mamontof
Harry , small mini house and all in one room 8-)))
Feb 24 2011 23:02 GMT superJoan
Typical male room...great entry
Feb 25 2011 06:18 GMT sini
That's the way to travel!:)
Feb 25 2011 07:48 GMT senna3
Better than camping in a tent, great entry!
Feb 25 2011 08:26 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
It certainly does the job!
Feb 25 2011 13:41 GMT mamontof
Joan , only on short time of single overlanding
Feb 25 2011 13:41 GMT mamontof
Joan , only on short time of single overlanding
Feb 25 2011 17:54 GMT mamontof
Malo , thank you
Feb 25 2011 19:04 GMT LizSA
wish I could travel like that..... then one feel free, no haste to the nearest hotel..!!
just where you can rest your body.. and then after this.. a hotel room will feel like
heaven...>-) :-)
Feb 25 2011 19:19 GMT mamontof
Liz , good bless South Africa home of camp traveling enthusiasts , with so many magnificent choices do add to your car http://www.trailer.co.za/4x4.html
Some have walk in tab other even jacuzzi- why to spend money on hotels
We in states only start rebuild what we have back in 50-60-70 when American travel and all most evry body have trailer near home
Feb 27 2011 17:28 GMT LizSA
this is really true... Mamontof.... SA has good camping sites... good and clean.
Feb 27 2011 17:29 GMT LizSA
but... we are not camp people.......my husband prefer the huts or chalets..!!
Feb 27 2011 18:54 GMT mamontof
My respect ! At least at home time to time fresh meat not from store