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Comments on this photo:

Sep 04 2010 16:42 GMT GeoffReeves
Is this the hill made famous in the film Close Encounters O T T K??
Sep 04 2010 17:04 GMT mamontof
GeoffReeves , yes that Highly popular Devil Tower .

Spielberg have not far his Rancho 8-)))
Sep 04 2010 18:58 GMT GeoffReeves
Great image :)
Jan 19 2013 13:45 GMT mamontof

Last massacre in Connecticut change some thing in my mind.Maybe if Russian or any other Country try play better US start paid more attention to why they hire and what type of action they own people duet at work
USA Intelligence for many years use unique technology , careful select personal why they hire .Late 2008 NYC Gov .team team start update F.A.S.T to new level control a psycho physiological activity of person why they monitored .
Socialist Democrat politics in a States for better safer living choose give new F.A.S.T technology even to Police http://occupycorporatism.com/microsoft-and-bloomberg-collaborate-on-sophisticated-pre-crime-technology/. NYPD personal became be train by "ex CIA/DHS" Agent and be under control by bought organisation the same time in cross control. NYC Big Daddy boys and girls why freely share cooperate all information with intelligence ("we all speak Russian way not , way to hide what we know" ) .
Soviet mentality Russian speaking newer was a dumb people , Soviet why work for organisation catch possibility dig out fish with out control by any type of activity at work , as in new non stable organise technology so easy to duet what only possible to imagine , a specially when naive American trust and all most impossible control activity , non mention take home Mobil unite fix personal interest or in several weeks create non control by government Agent with they possibility read mind or manipulate people said or act against they will.
Soviet Russian/Jew confrontation with F.A.S.T came to new level , as they start hire people why will be mess with others just protect they own personal interest ,and new graduate students quickly spread all over the states and off coos countries as that APU Military college student too .
In 2010 Russian department of NYC give to US Government "they" useless 11 Spy's , what provide excellent promotion hay effective new technology and we need hire more and more Russian speaking people, as Russian so danger .
Each team have dark horses why have they own unique specific hobby and ring of interest what need to be hide protect from others http://www.vladabar.com/ 331 West 51st Street New York, NY 10019,+1 212-974-8030 Vlada Von Shats Vlada@vladalounge.com. As soon alternative son in system he start hire the same friendly people , lately son suggest dominate older friends hire his friends as together work better (all the time nice feel trustful wide muscular shoulder near you).
What start as fight for fun between several people in DHS / CIA 60 Str Brooklyn in NYC spreading to NSA new building in Salt Lake City Utah , lately came out of control Russian speaking growing influence even by US GOV Agency's
If before Intelligence educate they own students on mentally ill citizens and that was complicated ,lately teacher choose create specially made Fugitive specifically oriented to personal complexes from students past (if boy was abuse he will find for him monitored child molester so students can relish all what disturbing burning his own subconscious , be train in full capability eliminate wrong citizen .Apple do not far from a tree , and when teacher select why to educate and lately correct student subconscious he/she base in they own acknowledged , principles and complexes . Old days analogical acknowledged use by Government in narrow surgical strikes, control country where Law can not be use officially , people why some time hired straight from street lately use that acknowledge for fun as they paid to observe a danger people...."screen some body subconscious when they have sex it better like have sex in your own", even basic RAM stage dream fears fixation...easy can help mentally disturb people make they mind to kill hem self..or create crime http://www.extremetech.com/electronics/129662-control-your-rem-dreaming-with-remee
.Progoverment oriented personal why try control they own organisation burn yang agents why go out of control make them ill , the complication hay you can fire specially train orphanage with unique acknowledged or gay Jew as that Law suite against government , when people start feel better after recovery and came back to work ...no need to mention what type of Revenge they start create ....March 28 JFK Flight 191 Pilot nerve brake ...up to last Baranovich during Delta Airlines flight from Boston to Salt Lake City or Connecticut massacre actions show BIG DADDY FEDS(Do not mess or involve investigate NSA ).Agent after be burn create many cases just show up hay good they are and functional properly= help make a mind to Manhattan Loner wolf bomber or ...NYPD/DHS revenge for low salary Aurora 70 shooting and later fix mistake with out possibility screen mind -Connecticut 20 KIDS(just push GOV. Make a gun law ) . With new technology and yang unstable mind complication start very soon , as longer you be expose to Soviet era "Pandora box" (what made detect mental stress , relish all they negative ideas what disturb mind and after take them out from service for treatment (when show disturb images or let operator relish deep hidden on subconscious anti social/human type of action ) more you became addict to what you show or see in fugitive dreams .Detect and after monitored child molester you mast "show" child porno and feel like one of them increase his sensitively at specific moments ...to provoke memories about crime in past or burn some one brake logistic way of think (when person thing onion mention garlic , instead number 12 mention 10 create massive confusion + show abracadabra ..automatically operator for better quicker result mast think and feel like insane person why he burning as result easy loosing control of they own non stable mind . In past few years way too many agent start understand as they feel not like before start using Pandora box in dally routine , and no way to restore normal vision of the world near as , with out possibility be feel better they start any possible type of Vendetta action a specially in non control type of action at work as American use too trust they own personal . Russian speaking in many reason try have as much as possible fun create or compeer why can make better terrorist ..DHS share some unique "PANDORA BOX" with Intelligence why update in NYPD Israel Mossad made program "Savlanut " program create unique mix of acknowledges and possibilities using F.A.S.T. and Soviet Psycho welfare close studies . http://starkravingviking.blogspot.com/2011/10/billions-of-taxpayer-dollars-abused-to.html
http://www.ice.gov/removal-statistics/ Deport people , specially mind updated ex detainees on why DHS educate they own students "they not even a human as they immigrants ". Gov agency's educated students on Immigrants create home projects , as usually human factor play major role , some DHS agent go for better help detainees became better people as America need religion pro government oriented citizen , when others student/operator relish projects "Berserk" , "Zombie", "Flight over the cuckoos nest", "Bird cage",very rear "Golem" and many others variations .Some time to time go little far "Aurora 70 shutting" (hay many what inposible track back to the countries where person deported (DHS investigation "Cannibalism" cases eat faces or flesh of ex prisoners where ICE detainee keep together with criminals) , create arsonist in Colorado why burn forest (for revenge of bad skiing vacation_) .Or revenge to old town where they live 7 years before ,deport to Crimea Inga Barishova 1983 (mast be skinny and hysterical as go true "Dexter " project) Detainee why spend many mounts in system provide unique priceless materials educate international multinational group of agents , train to duet to human what only they wont just relish they own complexes and create bacons and mast be return to they own countries with out possibility understand or control they furtherer type of action ,usually drop of by special flight of DHS Gulfstream ex Drug dealer privet jet from Miami to many countries all around the world with several stops in one flight .First week of September it was few flights true Europe , North Africa and middle east .September 5 2012 flight drop in territory Czech or Slovak Ivan well build dark hear yearly 30 artist why fix be berserk and Re-translator beacon (person try why easy to manipulate or control any one why near him or with why he in contact ) he well build muscular late 30 6 feet hi , in Hungary drop one dark hear skinny 6,7 person and switch equipage and DHS Special Agents , stop in Albania drop several people , flight to Georgia drop one (Russia refuse provide flight hallway , according registered number and story behind that jet with suspicion motivation cross territory to Ukraine with final destination International Airport Julyani) where drop detainees why go true training and mind fixation .Yearly August i to Moscow Russia was deported citizen of Kazakhstan tall 6.4 skinny person dark hear late 20 "Mikhail" why basically insane with difficult to control his hate and overaggressive activity, the same as in Poland not tall yearly 30 male "Krul/King" last name , hay many like them drop lately in Ex territories of Socialist Camp Countries or Muslim countries like Morocco and others create crime . Some detainees spend many years in jail and after became for many mounts hostage GUINEA PIG in ICE facilities simple can not control they type of action with subconscious sublimation reaction on specific moment in they life , deported Moroccans soon start create crimes . Any body wood like screen mind o380660558749 Timur why was deported from States in September 2012.... hay many hours need to spend time to make person be like that,with correct update memories about past -what make him priceless to operate !Short fuse with hi criminal history in his past with fix dream emigrate to Israel and luck of finance even for basic living in new country where he will be drop after many years live in states . It not official US Government game , as more NYC personal and rest yang students why go true training in NYC and start serve the Country , why use F.A.S.T. searching interesting crime addict detainees and modified update they mind creating a crime in countries where they from , as it give strong motivation possibility hire even more people to work observe new immigrants in a city from countries where they from . It sound way to scientific ,,,deported people became walking bakens .In Ukraine/Belorussia' lately so much increase of specific crimes , impossible to proof only if you know why stay behind that easy to see they psychological portrait signature of person why stay behind (when we learn some we all have narrow specialisation where we can relish our talent) ...remove oxygen from brain vessels make person javelin or close eyes fall a sleep with less attention to a road , + be under influence of alcohol and create deadly crash with non control nerve shake what push car in other direction line or bus station full of people .... "Dexter" speeding hobby as fun feel a person -its just best video game when can see , feel and even smell ....Knife attacks ...child molester activity and cutting dissolving body parts as agent joy feel feeling of holding knife what go true the flesh and feel elastic strength of the skin( 2010 NYC Brooklyn 2 Russian Blonde nurses death and subway massacre knife attack few week after with steel open cases prostitute in L.I ) , after operator punishment and i shame to loss so unique powerful specialist let him work/practise in other territory's before use him for needle action inside in country set up some one where LAW officially can not be use)
Fugitive mind easy can be suppress , and lately update technique give possibility switch to any persona why located near him just keep away observation cut a way tale of the Agency why try monitored that person (its endless switches between people why near him , all most impossible keep right track except if agent became under "brain slug" ).What start as protect create best friendly cover up to they own agent or valuable fugitive why Agency or sertant group of people in Agency try to hide, others start use erase/hide people for they own reason(child molestation,sex slave ctr , up to the point when yang girl lost her mind became vegetarian or veteran can not see night dreams crime memory create a suicide ).The same switch technique lately using to burn agent or show to any body ale why like to observe him as he became insane (what start in Russian department DHS/NSA as major cover up to one of they alternative agents , lately became business black mail or press Agent why work on investigation put on them "brain slug": usually it start like light migraine with increasing pain until point throw up and lost consign or just fall a sleep and when person wakes up he all ready have "brain slug" person why control Agent mind( feel anything and time to time try put in mind as a second voice wrong design ideas or words to said , create sublimation of feel happy crazy or sad lazy ctr all depend on personality and his character.To woman mostly popular create them addict to sex and sex toys, bring they attention to male genitalia(Anna Chapman - fix mind as more fun to observe), create feelings or ideas , together with pressure even by regular operator of create RAM dream fixations could be have very quick results . Look at any longer object remain a.. genitalia s/pup .. . put anything in mouth ....it remind buggy/bug ,bring attention to some thing disgusting and make that put in mouth...many many seek variation base on personal seekness of yang operators true what they go in they own past. (Russian department for that reason have several lost mind homosexual or addict to sex people, and many other operators with variation stages of cases schizophrenia ). Yearly 2011 yang NSA Agent became addict for fun mess with DHS female contingent why just study hay to use F.A.S.T. , its fun create to woman's "water mouth" and see their reaction in dreams a specially fix they mind be addict to sex , DHS female soon burn him , for revenge yang man start update any one why only he can find make interested start mess with woman's. DHS burn yang NSA male ...NSA males hide and re-switch him on many other until try to restore lost mind of yang Russian agent...In result NSA understand positive effect have "crazy mood" Agent at work (chains never before see "human factors "actions from Italy shore passenger cruise ship captain to Nigeria election fights and many variation in states"funny action and strange design" Jet Blue 191 flight ctr , as they create so much negative non control emotion pressure what basically burn any one mind ...Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B plane Jakarta ctr , several criminals was burn just in Denver Health November 2011 see hay effective and correct a pressure what usually use for "truth of feeling what in your mind" to some body (lately DHS agent use exactly the same press of truth to detainee make them hate any one on why they mind fix(Mexican crime and non control create great progressive field to train agents (Best result was made on easy born short fuse personalities :Moroccans, Egyptians, Russians speaking and one Polish detainee Krull (why start jump on people and act like a mad dog when attacking ICE CO, he proceed quickly be deported ) . Basic taste or own possibility, simple try for fun when you on taxi cab and seat behind a driver in your mind rapid all the action and moves of taxi cab driver , as trying to became him feel what he see and act the same action , well at some point move your own foot or arm truing car slightly lost control , or on cafeteria rapid in mind all the moves of person why joy coffee and the same at some moment shake a hand create split a caffee of your colleague .
Typical games in NYC personal why use F.A.S.T or analogy when they screening fugitive mind on dream create a night mare (similar to Salt Lake City Baranovich )and fixations on RAM stage create phobias or paid attention to some thing ..red jacket and name Boris why will be your special date (to yang girl why need be seduce with help of friends at work why create cover up pressing yang lady mind).Show in dreams large size breasts so male paid attention to woman with decolte or legs on white hi hills platform again catch male attention why they hunt ..with many alternatives ways from healing and help person quit smoke, start study harder in college or unlimited variation of fears and phobias what base on personal complexes of operator ...feel be uncomfortable near tall person (yang students with Napaleon complex ("We specially hire physically non attractive with physical deflects as they abuse personalities and easy to be manipulate ") to any one , fun to feel mess of yang stupid idiot why mess with you tonight when you 260 6.4 as they just do not care with why to mess as much as only possible create fears to any one as relish personal complexes .Start use drug , make mind sold some thing valuable , purchase some thing unnecessary what cost hell , just go deeper in finance crisis and depression with fight in a family.
Burn correct mind of US NAVY SEAL officer H. psychologist why serve Miami Krome Ice facility as he receive unique information , his mind fix to forgets mostly information as base on memory word recognition , our mind storage all the information base on key words if create mind confusion modified code words our memory can not recognize storage information behind snorkel – forkel , sublimation – submarination .AS one of yang Russian agent mention :” mess with some one virgin mind it better like have a sex “, you can not even imagine what type of fun play battle memory point on ex real action personal and see they sublimation reaction , reaffix they past activity, what create confusion and memory loses and erase original memory about that battle (if increase mess up bloody soul torture feel of guilt for some deep in subconscious storage “skeleton” as lost the buddy, rape, massacre easy push person to create suicide a specially with daily circulation on RAM stage of dream feel of guilt (increase suicides US Iraq/Afghanistan veterans in tree state area ).Simple search: miami krome ice insane asylum cases
Funny hay many people just in NYC messing with people create a "zombie"projects what one or other way hurt people all around the world simple .What by naive American mentality yang agent will appreciate position as they prerogative protect country , more fun create a terrorist , observe him and let him create suicide after action complete so no investigation can detect why stay behind that project in Connecticut . http://www.neuro.sofiatopia.org/brainmind_revolution.htm So easy find disturb mind , manipulate use him and quickly remove , what create better pressure on Media and public increase security http://www.wibw.com/home/headlines/Man-Who-Killed-Two-Fireman-Left-Note-Behind-Dead-Sister-184777051.html
I laugh as according Gov crazy when try said : people you have no idea to why you give Gods power ..control and manipulate people minds ,.and hay many agents all ready simple loosing they mind just joy hurt people , for them that only one point to live it like endless video game where only you even can feel emotion and final breath if you became "Brain slug" .nmr.­mgh.­harvard.­edu/­~lindqukr/­docs/­Lindquist_etal_B­BS2012.­pdf http://homepage.psy.utexas.edu/homepage/class/psy394U/Bower/03%20Emot,%20Trauma,Mem/Body%20keeps%20the%20score.%20Kolk%20.pdf And Gov not even worry simple provide basic canceller relish work stress .
http://www.whale.to/b/nsa4.html http://agencyandresponsibility.typepad.com/minds_brains_and_the_law/neuroimaging/ http://agencyandresponsibility.typepad.com/minds_brains_and_the_law/neuroimaging/
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scalar_tech/esp_scalartech12.htm http://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/polygraph/ota/conc.html http://www.whale.to/b/nsa4.html

Compulsive psychological addiction to personal why using Dream screening/monitoring behaviour techniques for daily routine factor .
According 5 years study base on NYC Intelligence representative in DHS/FBI , CIA/NSA and NYPD

We specially select students addict to abuse as they easy to manipulate .
Our program so popular as give possibility have plenty sex and opportunity be married (Psychology which student like to have plenty sex with out be in stable relationship)
We try to hire more student from single parents family or history of divorce http://www.nownys.org/docs/fatherlessness%20article.pdf
http://fathersforlife.org/dale/childhood_of_homosexual_men_2.htm http://www.empty-memories.nl/dis_9293/Goodwin_sadisticabuse.pdf We specially select kids with physical defect and physically non attractive as they will appreciate Gods power and bring less attention on the street to them self (Psychology we paid less attention to Grey people).Key aspect of be abuse personality when can not build dream relationships

That quick paper work covers the generalities of addiction of substances or behaviors cover all the major points of abuse and addiction to violence and the progression of dependence's of continued substance and obsession to violence .

Yang student as they mind and feeling unstable , easy to became under influence of teacher as a role model hero why save the country and punish "bad people".Student why race by single parents and luck of family attention , social economical factors of life , previous history of abuse of both side , revenge and punishment to some body for be in the "bad mood" just you named ,as way too many reason feel invisible and non punishable and do not punishable for any type of action at they daily routine observe fugitive to protect a country .
Hay many people why nothing by just basic listeners know why they really observe , hay many can professionally estimate situation base on information what they receive and hay qualified to judge fugitive to punish in they own ?
Where is the boarder to start punishment level of crime and type of punishment for that particular person why they observe ?
Operator why harm others and be non traceable by any inspection became addict to progressive , chronic relapsing sadistic type of illness with all negative side effect to society as created endless chain of reaction and side effect to his own activity of fugitive why he monitored .Operators create dreams , some with fixation in RAM stage of dream , fugitive relished them on the street modulated create a crime (create a phobia and fear be in the rail track in front of of incoming train on RAM , make fugitive in subconscious mind create a signal running away from incoming subway pushing passengers away from him just far a way from side of platform, for operator it nothing as fun create and reaped lately that dream in variation forms again and again , to some ale Innocent human been coast a life one more US citizen). Under intoxication subconscious more to relax welcome bend true , create disturb images and fears a specially in RAM , race blood pressure with blood circulation in dermis skin and we have lately Natural panic attack of Innocents Ukrainian Delta flight #1215 from Boston to Salt Lake Anatoliy Baranovich thought the plane's wing was on fire, and was opening the door to escape. Can FBI basic listeners crack subconscious and see the quick mortar block fixation ? Perfect crime of Holmes in Aurora Denver 70 people shooting .

Harm people over abuse program became similar effect as to a person why use alcohol or drug, first action have emotional enslavement dependence of emotional vampirism feel or here a reaction of person to why they observe or force act against they will manipulate .
Addiction is continued , self-administrated use of substance despite substance related problems, and result in tolerance for the substance , and compulsive Emotional vampirism type addiction due to cravings feel reaction of the fugitive to they type of action .Even when operator treated by erase they memories of history abuse in the past at work , that person steel have memory key words action in subconscious -feeling what impossible to erase later from subconscious mind, and any emotional feelings in new case can restart abuse personalities again .Just one of example NYC special program class of January 2011 , when a whole class mast be go true mind cleaning as they all involve in sadistic punishment to people on why they train/study , few mounts after that investigation all them catch one by one with the same type of action to fugitive why they monitored .

Progressive -is starts of seemingly innocuous(or unpronounced) and work its way into life not an overnight development as accumulated as addiction .
Chronic marked by long duration of frequent recurrence or always present or encountered.
Relapsing -many can go for long duration of times sober and jump right back into 'scene" that is their addiction with "right" fugitive
Many of those affected by side effect with addiction have co-occurring mental conditions as Bipolar, Schizophrenia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Defined a persistent , compulsive dependence on a substance or behaviour.
Persistent existing for a long or longer that usual time or continuously

Causes : Highly debated as to its cause
2 Addiction components to consider -physical and psychological
Risk factors involved
Genetics : addiction may be inherited as family history of abuse , reason as some hire to work for department/agency
Environment: being raised by abuse addicted parents more likely view it as acceptable behaviour .Prior history of abuse could have Sexual , Psychological, Emotional , Physical factor what became a coping mechanism to repeat at work as relish accumulated stress factor of be feel in emotional rebalanced .
Emotional disorders : anxiety , depression , bipolar disorder , PTSD , attention deficit disorder .
Substance: certain substance are more addictive that others

Any time when we experience something pleasurable in our daily routine life style , we want that experience revert again sooner or later all depend in our potential.
We develop a predilection or basic simple liken , earning event a craving for that feeling feel some body again and again , nothing beat feeling of endomorfic addiction (to harm some one ale its like relish long term irritation what disturb the mind ). Some hay if we are sufficiently varied and well rounded our personal tastes and desires, we don't become fixated on activity at work .Some people will be developing an overwhelming or repetitive compulsion for that one special or exhilarating mind experience off non stop doping stimulation( can sexual predator maniacs have a chance to forget a see and feel fear emotion in eyes of his victim?) Operator force at work feel a sexual act what they can not rapid in they own in they regular daily routine life style (what create additional complexes of non relish aggressively growth fixation in they own mind, what ruin they own relationships or stimulate force create punishment to why they observe monitored.) that type ob need nerve stimulation can become so powerful that is persists in spite of the negative physical or emotional consequence's of satisfying it(fundamental rules of any type of addiction ).Addicted people are willing to endure anything in order to reexperience that emotional and psychological state of being , that compelling satisfaction they feel whenever they take in substance , whatever bring a unlimited bucket of feel other person. Addict to abuse torch it , enjoy fixation mentally in mind messing after any body and be unpunished for that type of action , barely in final point need relish sensation fixation mentally in mind came out take pleasure in resolve personal issue .This hunger to hurting for mess up with any body become obsession when it reaches such a proportion that the person feel they need it just to feel that life worth to living , just to maintain they everyday emotional balance to feel some body at work , that the best non drug created addiction what stimulate person work even with out materialistic stimulation (what create other relapse of revenge to any one for financial underprivileged life circumstances )

In the beginning phase of hurt addiction student study hay stimulate they sexual partner or hay to punish some specific fugitive why match some unambiguous criminal standards what teacher find attractive or to be interested in that particular person , some prefer criminals what for some reason LAW can not rich officially as luck of evidence , person convinced that the excitement they experience with fugitive is the reason why they continue that behavior. Some hay in the later stage , even the hurt addiction insist operators start enjoy chasing after any one why they only can punish its obvious to everyone around them that they are feel miserable compeer to any other person why have better salary , life style , family...you named reasons as that basic feeling of jealousy of impossible pleasure of they materialistic or personal relationship needs

The core satisfaction of Harm addiction is not so much the particular experienced with a specific fugitive why math some unambiguous criminal standards what operator find attractive to be interested in that particular person , however the escape provided from daily anxiety of frustration . Hurt addiction are most frequently person for whom the world seems bleak , empty , and fraught with perils. As noted earlier , hurt addiction represent poorly understood attempts.

By person to solve they personal complexes in present life as sexual non satisfaction , Psychological, Emotional just you name a reason to solve they personal problems of self-worth, competition and personal validation.relief from these deep feelings of insecurity is found in the thoughts, feelings, and fantasies these person go true when in study of sleep screening "fugitive mind dreams" .

What better sensation in whole world that euphoria of first became adventures of whole personal subconscious mind of person where you feel can duet all most anything what you only imagined and wood like to relish any deeper personal complication what keep in dark secrets of they own full of meanings hide fantasies , feeling and control that world with after be relish all your delicate ideas in other person mind with out to be traceable or punish any body ale .Create worries, fears and phobias what base in personal operator complexes and stories what provide Public Media to the fugitive mind , find out fugitives personal complexes and increase them or usually even create many new one .

Mostly operators why all ready work for over several mounts is not addict to abuse , as they is addict to feel some body at work why they observe for long time again and again , with out this compulsive activity they feel empty and depressed more offen that not , a specially why do not have proper sexual or family relationship or ring of interest what keep they mind away from be again at work .

Some operators who engage in frantic searching for relatively meaningless sexual encounters are suffer from basic idea of psychological status what know as "Don Juan" complex , many as possible fugitive with why assectable to play they sexual fantasies at work as base routine game of dreams screening technique.Some hay for both male and female operators , the core problems are the same harm addiction is a futile and self -destructive way to feel filled up, to create an illusion of be "God, Goddess and emotional nourishment .Be God/Goddess at work and feel miserable in usual daily life style , i can duet to any one what my mind only can imagine or created, as i have power and acknowledges with a possibility change a life, only at some point nobody respect or appreciate that type of action.At some point unselfish complexes start create very strong psychological dilemma what base on complexes of Deficit Attention Disorder with all negative harmful side effect to duet anything what only possible to bring attention to that particular person with why they work (as that my creation my "Baby" (NYC upper Manhattan single Wolf bomber , massacre Colorado Denver Aurora 70 shooter )

Most addiction are difficult to break-particularly those which appear relatively non traceable punishable. On the surface, the harm addiction can seems highly successful with people in they dreams , when miserable in real personal life style , and they may actually be jealousy of other people near them why have more success in personal, financial, romantic,sexual triumphs just you named .
Tolerance to abuse build up easy and them substance becomes ineffective and more is needed to reach that "high" point .When you reach tolerance , the rebound affect of feeling some body is much greater that relief that relief of use even drug can provided. Drug award you feeling Hi with understanding in subconscious mind as it hurting your own body and health, compeer to feel harm some one ale with unlimited feeling to be "HI" as observe fugitive why use choose (some of operator mention make observe some one why have a sex it is even better like have sex in your own (NYC DHS "local" Investigations of late 2011)

More is how needed and the cycle of addiction is on and a cycle of addiction begins a specially with new update of the program for more wild use for bigger population of operators , when operator became available to feel a fugitive whole body physical movements as be "Brain slag" , technique what start as part in New York special school program "Pandora box"(detect and race worst deep hidden in subconscious antisocial behaviour )
Side effect of be expose to that type of work with out to be relish mental stress by professional canceler or psychiatrist treatment include main complication as difficult to build stable relationship in your own (you simple can not move ahead emotionally until you quit addiction to feel some one at work , what create a side effect when observe a fugitive and be involve emotionally in they situation to be in relationship with a fugitive it self). You may be able to move ahead intellectually in your own mind , only at some point addiction to observe some one ale and feel they emotion from inside create effect of emotional stability and ability "Mirage have relationship in your own with fugitive"
What those addiction doing to people why expose to screening monitoring technology as daily bases .People are mast go to punish some one or simple feel hay it to feel hurt abuse any fugitive . Simple understanding to make some one feel uncomfortable with progress create more stimulating harm, create deep stress or even kill that particular person in make fugitive form of illnesses or suicide act as result of monitoring .
A large contributor to injuries and crime in basic daily routine .
Substance abuse will actually cause changes in the mind of operators. Its not just some "weakness of will" .Longer you work you became financially stable depend on work , what have "union" side effect "married to work" that particular factor have a stable side effect what can cost family , romantic , friendship , self , spiritual with grow seniority.
Accomplishment diminish:the drive for success moves from job/relationship/etc. to success at finding the substance , which is not success or an accomplishment that is one of progress .
a) A state of mind in which one has lost the capability to experience any form of pleasure except feel some one when be at work
b) A large contribution factor to relapse work just to feel other
c) Usually is temporary , at some point can be permanent of daily use even free over time at work (for good reason as be protect a country)

For yang unstable mind of yang operators it create many catches"Catch 22" .Yang gentleman why do not have sexual experience and dominate Alpha strong role model in his family (single parents) easy to be confuse when start to be expose observe feel female fugitive.With his own strong sexual needs and mind hormones stimulation on his mind feel a female body create a mind confusion to him, he feel exactly what woman suffer in sexual act what generate build up strong sexual fixation dilemma in his yang (with out physical sexual experience) confusion mind , feel to rapids on his own that type of act (sensation of intercourse coitus vagina orgasm effect).Lately not only NYPD personal even NYC DHS have many situation when yang operators became addict to "Water mouth" effect create to others , or order female operators why in revenge to male population stimulate of "Water mouth" . for personal fail out. Investigations spring /fall 2011 with punishment to some operators .Female operators punish fugitive for they own negative experience of oral act in past , make fugitive feel: Watered mouth" , yang ladies stimulate that sensation for punishment to others , the main complication side effect to any of this games hay fugitive start act in they daily basis routine in regular life style (act of defacement as relish bad negative subconscious). NYPD can provide statistics of increase crime in NYC .

For female operators possibility to have any male at any time when they wont and be in control of male create dependency with out understanding basic male sexuality as pick of orgasm(as soon male with a woman be under influence he interested be with her , without stimulation male automatically loosing concentration and start look/search for new possibility of relationship(cheating) .For female operators feel a body of male fugitive at work as feel erection (be in top of man mind in moment of coitus) create sadistic movements Dominate , with out to be sexually satisfied in daily basic females start search to why a blame for they own unhappiness in they life, what create chain of aggressive violent behaviour action at work to punish fugitives.

To male population long exposure to that type of work create basic psychology dilemma as" Don Juan" complex non stop endless chain relationship with out to be stabilize relationship with any female new partner even for short period of time , that create ruts to male search alternative sexual satisfaction what female partner can not all ready make available to them (create latent sexuality) .male why provide fulfillment joy automatically create dependency to his sex partner to continue relationship "feeling of love that a one" on continue relationship with female partner . "Our program so popular as provide possibility have plenty sex and opportunity be married" moment of speech on December 31 2011 23 15 one of the famous person in MYC DHS .

Some questions what make me personally confusing understanding : if program so highly effective , hay come so many people stay single with out proper family relationship in they own(Psychologist choose to be single as wont be feel free , in other side even basic canceler of psychology easy can manage manipulate to work out any situation with right base marriage materials persona to create family relationship in they own )
What make people why expose to that type of work in daily basis make them stay single for long period of time? What side effect that program create in people mind , hay harm they mind became after be expose to observe /involve in crime science many maniacs , criminal, fugitive , with out to be treated or relish they neuroses to a canceler or psychologist(no need professional help to understand dilemma?)

For yang agent why orient to have family so easy create right life partner use "sex slave" technique , hay about female contingent and specially age + woman's and they stress clock ticking hay to fight sindrom kelelahan kronis (chronic fatigue syndrome)

Positive effect be expose to Technology and accumulating side effect what grow like a snow ball , what really wrong to be ignore a specially in NYC confrontation between agency's