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Comments on this photo:

Mar 04 2011 16:17 GMT Donjames
So many to choose from........
Mar 04 2011 16:19 GMT mamontof
Don , different books about hay mix the same ingredients ...soo boring
Mar 04 2011 16:20 GMT iyerhari
great Literacy entry!

Mar 04 2011 16:21 GMT mamontof
Bad light 8-( my mistake / Thank you Harry
Mar 04 2011 20:32 GMT Annamaria
You must be a good cook, Alex! ;-))
Mar 04 2011 20:33 GMT FLUMP
Looks like you have a great collection...i must admit i have a bit of an addiction for them too!!
Mar 04 2011 20:44 GMT mamontof
Anna-Maria , i only study try to be good student to learn hay to cook in different way the same ingredients
Mar 05 2011 02:34 GMT Studio88
Alex, You can start a Cooking School with all the Knowledge in
those books - Master Chef ;-)
Mar 05 2011 09:37 GMT mamontof
Howard , to cook from hart no need go to cook school
Mar 07 2011 17:36 GMT Kaska
lovely collection.
I assume you love cooking?
Mar 07 2011 17:38 GMT mamontof
Kaska i love to live , and anything what can bring a good mood and feelings .
Cook = eat , if you like eat you mast like to cook too ?
Mar 07 2011 19:53 GMT Kaska
yes, I like cooking what I like to eat too :)
Mar 07 2011 21:07 GMT mamontof
Kaska , ones i pass a test reg. personal motto = Live one bite at a time — the sweet, the sour and all the fleeting flavors in between. You understand best how to live every day like it’s your last; everyone loves being near your positive energy. You’re never one to shy away from something new, and your openness to trying everything at least once makes you the easiest person to please! That probably explains why so many friends enjoy having you over for dinner. You’re truly the ideal dinner guest, with your sunny disposition, sense of adventure, and appetite for life.