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Power of Fear
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 06 2011 17:45 GMT Donjames
Almost like South Africa on a quiet day !!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 06 2011 17:51 GMT mamontof
Don , looks like you miss travel in some spots in your country
Apr 06 2011 17:53 GMT Donjames
Nope I live here, I know where to go and where to avoid
Apr 06 2011 17:54 GMT mamontof
Don , that not funny at all . Sorry to read
Apr 06 2011 18:00 GMT hans55 PRO
not funny at all !! :-(
Apr 06 2011 18:04 GMT mamontof
Hans i see the same in NYC 17 years ago ....and that way not funny at all
Apr 06 2011 18:15 GMT robhud
Apr 06 2011 18:17 GMT Donjames
Whats not funny? The truth?
Dont forget I live here I have family members in our police force I get the facts not the rubbish in the newspapers..............
Apr 06 2011 18:40 GMT hans55 PRO
its not funny that people do this to each other Don ...there should be no hate in our world !!
Apr 06 2011 18:45 GMT Donjames
Ok I get you hans
Apr 06 2011 19:00 GMT psb64
People killin', people dyin'
Children hurt and you hear them cryin'
Can you practice what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek
Apr 06 2011 20:28 GMT mamontof
Don , i read in 4x4community forum about gun point robberys , only that was in north east
Apr 07 2011 15:50 GMT Donjames
No Alex, its all over our country everyday someone somewhere is being robbed at gunpoint, 90% are never reported in the media because the authorities dont want to scare tourists, we are getting another 50 ARMED guards on Table Mountain this month to protect tourists and locals on the mountain and a further 50 later in the year.....thats just in one place in the country. These guards are being brought in by the Cape Government (DA) not the anc...
Apr 07 2011 18:53 GMT mamontof
Don , what you wright it remind me http://www.d-9.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfem7wKeNaU
That so political i believe so , right nay it all over in a country or in Cape Town only
Apr 07 2011 19:39 GMT Donjames
All over the country Alex.....remember I have two cousins in the police force I hear it sraight from the horses mouth, try living here, its so easy for people overseas to shout the odds, they have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what is going on here. Political or not it is a FACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to many mushroom dwellers in this world !!!
Apr 07 2011 20:30 GMT mamontof
Don , when that increase , nay i start understand why 4x4 adventures prefer travel out of the country ,even if that cost much more money
Apr 08 2011 10:54 GMT Donjames
Alex since 1994 the crime rate went through the roof, yes people dont like to camp in the bush or reserves its way too dangerous but not all are some have really good security. The crime here is not always petty crime but really vicious crime, one example my niece was attacked and beaten at an ATM machine in a small quiet town in the Eastern Cape and she was 7 months pregnant and almost lost her baby (pics in my archive) the criminals dont care who they attack, we have farm murders all the time farmers and their wives and children are hacked to death but wives and daughters are first raped in front of the family this happens about once a month on average, carjackings are order of the day # members of my family have been carjacked but survived thank heavens, both my parents were victims of robbery I have been a victim of robbery twice everyone in our family has been a victim of crime in someway or another....
The 4X4 community normally travel in groups now and are armed well the ones I know but prefer to travel outside the borders because the countries north of us are so poor the locals welcome travellers to sell them bits and pieces.
Alex this country is full of violent crime its just not reported as the authorities dont want to scare tourists also we have become so used to it it no longer makes headlines anymore, sad but true. The government is so corrupt and dont give a damn about the people on the ground only at election time lots of false promises. This morning "Moletsi Mbeki" a political analyst (the best we have) also the brother of our previous President said on the radio that the government is failing the youth with a bad very bad education system and there is a possibility of a revolution in this country by the youth.....
Scary stuff going on here.
Our president is big buddies with Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) a dictator, our president is a fool all he wants is more wives and children he has 3 or 5 wives no one is sure of how many he has and last count 20 children and a few children with girlfriends....
Apr 08 2011 10:58 GMT Donjames
Alex I have photographs of a victim of a carjacking it will turn your stomach if you want see them send me your email address via messages and I will forward them to you. Anyone is welcome to request them by the way
Apr 08 2011 20:50 GMT mamontof
Don , i really appreciated your offer , only blood and meat attract me when i cook , or need some medical attention , thank you no need crime photo .

Niece....i hop and wish she will be okay , regarding that gang people ....it why some time nice to feed life wild worm as shark or alligator with fresh meat . Law will be spank a little , let them stay relax for couple weeks and let them go back to street
Crime it all over , farmer complain about...it , rhinoceros and other exoticness animal killing evry day and park ranger can not dying all most anything , look like any North Neighbored countries simple more safety and better economics , a specially Quick growing in Kenia , we have couple people on FT they planing move from Angola /Rhodesia there as better life style .

Don regarding new revolution....it will be no Bush war it will be so horrible as dimond /military complex hold all in a country ,,and people why belong to them live secure when other try survive , but that all most all over a world economy not so great

Thank you , Alex

Don that where real democracy ..when President can have 5 official wifes and small garem of girl friend why can not became a wife as some reason ....kids it like flavors ....newer inaf to see them