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Kharkov Emthy packets create gourges emthy Buildings
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 09 2012 08:38 GMT junne PRO
you going to get an apartment in there ? :-)))
Nov 09 2012 08:48 GMT mamontof
Gunter, ich liebe leeren Raum mit möglichen schaffen, was Sie sich vorstellen, und ich bin verrückt nach hohen Stock und tolle Aussicht, nur ich nicht hier zu Hause fühlen, wie einige, was fehlt - vielleicht etwas, was in der Luft.
Russland für russische, und wenn sie ein anderes Land vor allem von ihnen neuere Seele sitezen neue Land, in dem sie leben, wurden kam, ich mag mittleren Staaten und kann überall in der Welt leben so bald gute Leute in meiner Nähe
Nov 09 2012 16:51 GMT Annamaria
Why don't people want to live here, Alex?
Nov 09 2012 18:35 GMT mamontof
Anna-Maria , people really badly wont ,even temporary let student live as shame waste so much space , typical Russian stupidity Price .They wont right a way one shut payment as no money. In states my real state in that situation just rent to student and that became very profipable . In this city yang student live 5 in a room likie fish in can , in that buildings hundreeds huge emthy apartments what owner mast paid utility any way - Russian mentality ...(Ukranian more accurate)
Nov 09 2012 19:44 GMT Annamaria
Such a pity to leave them unused while there are people who needs space to live!!
Nov 09 2012 19:45 GMT Donjames
Sounds like SA....
Nov 09 2012 19:52 GMT mamontof
Anna-Maria , i am with you , to me its just waste of money ...heated that huge buildings cost allot , way not at least rented low floors ...just cover bills , well i have American mind and they Ukranians ...
Nov 09 2012 19:55 GMT mamontof
Don , you mean photo what yearly you post with Modern style Building .
Well some time stupidity spraid like infection 8-)
Nov 09 2012 20:01 GMT Donjames
Alex we have empty new hospitals as well...they are built and then there are no staff to work in them and no money to buy equipment....???
Nov 09 2012 20:13 GMT Donjames
So true Alex.....
Nov 10 2012 06:16 GMT mamontof
Don , in America the same story ..build museum as Construction Corporation belong to one of the Goverment crook hands ..official cover up story to keep local Union occupate - millions spend on emthy building where easy to hide Pentagon it selfe , and no finace left to purchaise exsposition...old airplane what unique priceless and other moran in military cut as recycle ! Build bridge and no roads near, as other department...crooks in Goverment best terrorist to economy of eny COUNTRY !
Nov 10 2012 17:43 GMT hans55 PRO
sure looks like a terrible waste of money !!
Nov 10 2012 17:48 GMT mamontof
Hans from 360 apartments ,only 90 have tenants and from that in only 24 live as renovation cost money too.