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Comments on this photo:

Jul 18 2011 03:16 GMT junne PRO
for what is this used ?
Jul 18 2011 03:30 GMT mamontof
Gunter it Basic $ 70.000 cheap low budget update standard package car to fully joy 4x4 off roading like Baja http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baja_1000

Or Paris/Dakar ctr

In China it competition in North territories ... basically china gov offer people build some off road vehicles what afther could be use for military ..
Jul 18 2011 08:08 GMT Donjames
Interesting, spare wheel carrier ?
Jul 19 2011 17:06 GMT hans55 PRO
interesting truck .. the Baja 1000 is a great race ..friends of me did it years ago ..they where the first ones who did that with a Land Rover !! :-)
Jul 19 2011 19:24 GMT mamontof
Hans , you one of last Mogican why joy and appreciated real adventure !

Old school why even take risk travel on Niva 8-)
Jul 19 2011 19:53 GMT hans55 PRO
would love to buy a Niva again !!! :-))
Jul 19 2011 20:34 GMT mamontof
Hans...they popular http://www.ladacars.org/ friend of mine just did Alaska to south america.....
His wife complain about size but happy as not so much money spend on gas and no repairs except tires and windshield
Sep 25 2012 21:29 GMT gtc126
Very Interesting Capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 26 2012 00:14 GMT mamontof
My dream rally trcuk