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No way Hollywood with all they costume specialist can create some like that , what can see in Libya
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 05 2011 17:25 GMT Annamaria
Another war.... just terrible... will we ever learn....??
Apr 05 2011 17:28 GMT FLUMP
Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to stand up to those dictators that oppress..
Apr 05 2011 17:28 GMT FLUMP
Ps...a very emotive shot Alex
Apr 05 2011 17:29 GMT mamontof
Anna-Maria , we need train our troops , make money , and have better economy plus many other points as side effects
Apr 05 2011 17:33 GMT mamontof
Helen , Uncle Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi more like Father of the Nation , for sure he not a Dictator ( where do you see Dictator why provide medicine and many social program to they people )
Apr 05 2011 17:42 GMT FLUMP
I think we will have to agree to disagree on our views of Gaddafi Alex
Apr 05 2011 17:46 GMT mamontof
Helen judge some body using public media brainwash , it simple way to not accurate and far a way from reality
It like judge about whole country by observing a tourist .
Apr 05 2011 20:01 GMT MJGhajar PRO
Great shot!
Apr 05 2011 20:20 GMT hans55 PRO
a crazy war ... lets hope the people win this ... and that it turns out good for them !!!
Apr 06 2011 05:13 GMT cobaltblue
opinions flying high everywhere... and in the end men aren't disturbed by the things that happen but by their opinion of the things that happen...
Apr 06 2011 06:48 GMT junne PRO
alex, i agree with you. like what in hell business do we have there, when in our country alone we are sliding into debt every day further. there is money for bombs that always kill the wrong people, when there is no money for keeping the own country in order.
and we have no problem with dictatorships in saudi arabia or like countries where women have no right at all. under khadafi no women got stoned to death nor were they forbidden to work or drive a car. a beneficial dictator is by far preferable to "democratic elected regimes" that practice sharia
Apr 06 2011 17:36 GMT mamontof
Gunter , which country you mean Germany,USA or China ?
Any War build economy right a way or afther the war end in a Country , off coos all depend on Political status and many other points .
Japan before WWII and afther ..German economy before 1940 and afther 1952 , and do not forget changes afther Berlin wall c knack out....that when you came to States

Kill wrong people you said ..lets Special Force use they best to simple illuminate Rebels lieder , and any Bananas Revolution will be end in a days - with out Lieder why mess your mine and money to support very difficult to fight !
We like War as that Train our troops , GIVE CHANCE destroyer older weapon as new in market ....build economy ctr ctr ctr
If nobody seek why will visit a doctors ....? If you do not brake your motor bike hay mechanic will survive ?

Gunter WHEN you Unite all Arabs why grow and live all they life with religion aspects ...and talk about Libya it like said in Germany all woman : tall , blonde and horny....!!!

....Social status Femina in Libya a little different compeer to other countries
Woman even in USA for many years do not have to work as they husband support them and that Was a NORMAL social factor in territory of US for many many good years / and we talk about one of civilizedness countries in the world as USA !

Any where in a world Man why Love and respect his wife , he try his best TAKE A WAY from his lovely woman week shoulder hard labor ( CAN YOU Image see your girlfriend afther she exhausted work 60 hours in a factory and aspect her be playful and sweet )
With out "DICTATOR" in Libya will be less social help as medicine , food , education but plenty freedom do not where a chadra and Woman drive a car ......do you think woman why can not visit OBGYN but drive a car will be more happier - well , try to ask your girlfriend what she prefer visit doctor when she have tout pain and you drive her in a car to visit doctor , or She can drive a car but no visit to a doctor......for sure she will be chose a Dictator regime and husband why Do not send her work in factory. !!!!!

When you live in USA you forgot about For woman working when have a husband become normal routine only afther WWII in late 50 yearly 60 , before in States was normal when man support his family and have beautiful Wife why smart , intellective person why support her husband be at home , that call separation of rules in a family .

.With out separation rules when bought parents at work and non of them provide support to the kids , and have plenty time to spend together very difficult have a dissent Family , in end what people why work have only more complication and less personal life - but that all about cultural aspects and family valuables , some choose money other choose have a family .

Apr 06 2011 17:58 GMT Donjames
Gaddafi is a true dictator in every sense, our country is going down the same path, just look north of our borders.....wall to wall dictators
Apr 06 2011 18:04 GMT mamontof
Don , it look evry body miss Idi Amin ....he was not dictator at all , and people steel do not like him .
One Dictator People hate as he have 40 virgin guard , second as his diet.....afther graduate from Soviet Union Parachuter school
Apr 06 2011 18:14 GMT Donjames
Alex dont live under a mushroom
Apr 06 2011 18:24 GMT FLUMP
pmsl at that comment Don!
Apr 06 2011 18:26 GMT Donjames
Apr 06 2011 20:50 GMT mamontof
Cobaltblue , people expres they opinion to build conversation .
Apr 07 2011 00:49 GMT mamontof
Don , i simple do not like Media brain wash ....
Apr 07 2011 14:33 GMT cobaltblue
...read in between the lines
Apr 07 2011 18:59 GMT mamontof
Cobaltblue , when some body said some thing , i usually like to make some search to make my own opinion about anything .
Apr 08 2011 05:15 GMT cobaltblue
... and who can blame you? :-)
Apr 08 2011 10:31 GMT mamontof
Cobaltblue , i am mostly times blame my self