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Comments on this photo:

Mar 12 2011 17:06 GMT FLUMP
Nature is a marvellous thing
Mar 13 2011 00:30 GMT mamontof
True Helen
Apr 07 2011 14:38 GMT cobaltblue
This looks like the remains of some ancient civilisation, wind-swept over thousands of years... or some habitation for elemental spirits.
Apr 07 2011 19:33 GMT mamontof
Cobaltblue , that area newer have marks what left by Native American , only so many other spots where mother nature create cave was have """Feet/hand prints""""and waal build
Apr 08 2011 05:14 GMT cobaltblue
thank you, A, it's so pristine... what a wonder
Apr 08 2011 10:27 GMT mamontof
i will try find structure photo http://www.nps.gov/meve/index.htm
Really interesting spot to visit if do not use public tourist trails
Apr 09 2011 15:37 GMT cobaltblue
I hate tourist trails... and if they can't be avoided I try to visit when there aren't many... I'll check out that link - thanks!
Apr 09 2011 15:38 GMT cobaltblue
ups... many tourists I mean
Apr 09 2011 15:44 GMT mamontof
Cobaltblue , tourist it like public bath ...some like be expose other prefer individual jacuzzi

So many people that why so popular swimming pools
Apr 09 2011 16:10 GMT cobaltblue
well put :-) I prefer a very quiet, calm and crystal clear lake... all those guys with their blow-up toys and transistor radios can shove off...;-)
Apr 09 2011 16:19 GMT mamontof
Cobaltblue , as soon no alligator near i am fine be in back on middle of Laguna and observe a stars . Zicados and tree frogs my transistor *-)