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Comments on this photo:

Apr 18 2013 04:44 GMT Annamaria
And are you going to live on that tiny island, Alex?
Apr 18 2013 05:49 GMT junne PRO
good luck
Apr 18 2013 21:08 GMT mamontof
Anna-Maria . i live in my dreams http://www.fotothing.com/photos/617/6172f25d97a6957314bb8664e91254a6_6fa.jpg nay i just will be try go there in reality
Apr 18 2013 21:08 GMT mamontof
Gunter , Thank you !
Apr 25 2013 20:29 GMT mamontof
Sir , do you really think i can post some thing like that ....
I am very sorry if you think i will ever print that Disqusting Message !
Apr 26 2013 04:52 GMT Bellavista
Mamontof, Are you living on the East Cost? :-)
Apr 26 2013 17:37 GMT mamontof
Bellavista , i was travel allot in USA , and live in NYC 4 20 Years !
Apr 28 2013 15:41 GMT Bellavista
mamontof....wow! NYC is one of my fav! I'll be there on Thursday for some hours taking some photos when I'll change my plane when going back to London.
Apr 29 2013 21:47 GMT mamontof
I am in Mexico , before came check true Google west side upper 100 str for churches park ctr , so many good photo plaices .Best mini Family Korean restauran Koream Mill Broadway 114 .Tower of MLLIONERS, in Central park Kastel near lake ....need several days to see a City .
Apr 30 2013 22:01 GMT gtc126
Great Portrait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!