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Kharkov Contrast ...emthy Churches create fake religion belives
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 09 2012 08:41 GMT junne PRO
why empty? i hear that the russian orthodox church is on a strong comeback ? they have just united with the american part of it and all seemed to be going very rich ?
Nov 09 2012 08:56 GMT mamontof
Gunter true ukrainian will give their ass to any why have money , it not even about money as point Live Right moment in present time newer think what will be afther .
Build new building ..soon freese a huge one below minus 20 celcious ....building with water in system and no heating ...Russian mind as first we create and afther we will fix all the demage when pipe exsplode .
What you aspect Russian have beauteful woman and hay they use them , minerals ,,,,any thing what they have they loosing
Some time i think if Nazi will be not so Nazi , hay German influence will fix Slavic mentality ....Herr Burger and totaly drunk or it posible change some as we see hay good live Russian all oraund the world why respect they ruts only update they mind be Citezen of country where they choose to live .
Some philosophy and sadness see hay great Country ruinednot even for shilling