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Tags country


Country breakfast in third world Country
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 26 2012 11:56 GMT Annamaria
Looks alright to me, Alex! ;-)) Bread, fruit, coffee are okay...but no onions for breakfast....haha
Oct 26 2012 12:32 GMT mamontof
Onion good with Honey Vodka and chocollatte butter , go smuth 8-)

Oct 26 2012 13:18 GMT doramandragora
hehe... food is never far from your mind... yes, I understand. I am glad to see the garlic... I also need at least two cloves every morning.. oh yes, and a soft toy to cuddle... :-)
Oct 26 2012 13:38 GMT mamontof
Doris , vine and honey with good bread and cheese(here a catch as way to pricy 8-( )
Garlick i can eat as real Shanghai chinese where in plate more garlick as rice with plenty Hot red spicy souce on top and a mini tini little some thing what call meat and in real life coll mouse tail
Oct 26 2012 14:21 GMT senna3
Looks good, a great variety of food!
Oct 26 2012 16:39 GMT mamontof
Senna 8-) , hard to belive not far from where you live peope could have Exotique life style
Do not visit Ex Socialist Countries or be prepare 8-)
Oct 26 2012 16:55 GMT marijke06
good breakfast!
Oct 27 2012 04:41 GMT junne PRO
i would love the bread.
Oct 27 2012 12:33 GMT mamontof
Junne , Shanghay have huge Russianas as Russian community with probably the best real Rue bread afther Arcansas .
That French style Rue bread for soup or semi soft type of cheeses
Oct 27 2012 22:41 GMT junne PRO
shanghai is at least 24 hour bus trip from here :-)))
Oct 28 2012 15:02 GMT mamontof
Junne why take a bus if flights so cheap , only to make plenty gourges picture from a trip