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Point Sublime North Grand canyon
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 23 2011 15:52 GMT Annamaria
These views are awesome, Alex!! I remember standing there like it was yesterday!!
Feb 23 2011 16:05 GMT senna3
Impressive view, fabulous photo!
Feb 23 2011 16:22 GMT hans55 PRO
a breathtaking view ..i wil never forget ... was only one year ago !! :-)
Feb 23 2011 16:41 GMT mamontof
Anna-Maria , some spot in Earth when you look at a photo can make you feel as in Time machine
Feb 23 2011 16:42 GMT mamontof
Thank you , Peter
Feb 23 2011 16:45 GMT mamontof
Hans , maybe you take vacation from travel and when you boring came and see some parks in states
Glacier in Montana this year mast be look so good as so much snow ( june for sure will be open ) http://www.nps.gov/glac/index.htm
Feb 23 2011 16:47 GMT sini
Amazing landscape!:)
Feb 23 2011 16:50 GMT mamontof
Sini , thank you
Feb 23 2011 16:55 GMT hans55 PRO
i have plans of going to Canada this year my friend !! :-)
Feb 23 2011 17:02 GMT mamontof
Wow , Plenty bears and moses 8-) , what park do you chose
Feb 23 2011 17:08 GMT Annamaria
You are so right Alex!! I read your comment to Hans about Glacier National Park.... I have been there too... in may 1982.... ;-) The park was still closed and the lake was partyally frozen... it was soooo cold, but the Jagermeister kept us warm...;-))
Feb 23 2011 17:32 GMT mamontof
Anna-Maria , mix of Jagermeister with tea and for sure can climb some spots 8-)
Park all roads clean only some time middle June
Feb 23 2011 17:56 GMT hans55 PRO
i want to go to Montreal ...Toronto and Niagra Falls !!
Feb 23 2011 18:03 GMT mamontof
Spend more time in french side - better food (side effect nasty people) BUT people liked Canadians for that
Niagara 100% better 2 see from Canada
Feb 24 2011 09:54 GMT LizSA
we have been to the South Grand Canyon.... at the time we were there the North Canyon was not open to public.
your photo's are just so beautiful taken.... only the standing on the side watching
one do not experience..:( we even cried with our first site of the canyon... !!!
Feb 24 2011 09:59 GMT mamontof
Liz , if you drive in your own rent SUV and take side trails what belong to State forest Point Sublime http://www.google.com/images?q=point+sublime&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1198&bih=687
Even when snow it possible to drive true as most of road close to cliff and snow simple blow away by wind
North Canyon....that some thing WOW !
Feb 24 2011 11:41 GMT LizSA
me and my husband, we travelled from Nashville to Las Vegas... we use ML350,
my daughters car. interstate 40, 5 days. and then our daughter and her husband met us in LV, we travelled back on the interstate 70. and have done lots of Canyons.
and other National Parks..! would like to do many more National Parks in US A.
my daughter really treat us good. now she has little children. and I miss them so much.
Feb 24 2011 13:40 GMT mamontof
Right choice to travel 40 and 70...Colorado 550 that one special road what can fun to drive
True Liz in states so many great parks , and more true you mast know small roads to see some spots as usually that not advertise to publics.
Media love popularizes what easy for mass aces , what beauty and hart to see in your own eyes you joy true Discovery channel
Feb 24 2011 18:03 GMT LizSA
thank you for all your kind information....
now we are in South Africa... also a wonderful place to travel...and we have our
game parks... and lovely mountains.. coastlines... we are home..:-) for us to travel other countries cost us a lot of money..!!! we have to have visa's and then the flight tickets... here our transport is very high but at least we are home..:-) maybe we will visit Amerika again... i am just not sure when !!
Feb 24 2011 18:23 GMT mamontof
South Africa and neighbors countries create one huge park with out a boarders
I like to read and see photo reports about traveling in Africa from 4x4 enthusiast http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/
Only what Africa do not have that a Yellowstone with geysers and Sequoya...all other parks what in States look more less similar to Africa
Arizona/Utah with red earth look like North Africa ...Niagara not even close to Victoria ...
nice to travel
Feb 24 2011 20:29 GMT FLUMP
Alex that is truly beautiful....
Feb 24 2011 20:52 GMT mamontof
Thank you Helen
Apr 22 2011 01:45 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Fantastic shot!