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Comments on this photo:

Jul 06 2011 00:53 GMT Studio88
Jul 06 2011 03:57 GMT cobaltblue
Poor darling had such terrible burns from the bush fire...
Jul 06 2011 04:58 GMT mamontof
That little bastard attack hiker and run a way with bottle of Rum , pure wild beast was digidrated
I wish i have whole series of pictures of poor badly shaken tourist when that quite monster screaming for more fire water !
Cool bath make him come down and less aggressive
Jul 06 2011 06:55 GMT saffi9
looks so cute
Jul 06 2011 17:55 GMT Donjames
hahahha Funny story Alexi
Jul 07 2011 10:40 GMT lovegirl4u
my name is miss mary, i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,
please contact my ID (mary_baby202@yahoo.com)
so that i can give you my pictures for you to know who i am
Jul 08 2011 12:41 GMT senna3
Great image!
Jul 08 2011 14:55 GMT julie13
Cute, very cute!
Jul 08 2011 15:18 GMT mamontof
Julie , do not trust that sweet smile...it have a very sharp claw plus have razor sharp tooth !
Jul 08 2011 16:29 GMT abojovna PRO
Fantastic teeth well done! I never saw this animal!
Jul 10 2011 23:02 GMT MikkiShulman
how sweet. hope all ok with it.
Jul 10 2011 23:18 GMT mamontof
Mikki , do you really think that creature let some body hurt him.....think twice before take in the hands
Well if you have yang equliptos leaves you could be friend until he eat
Jul 16 2011 14:35 GMT aanteking100
cute !
Oct 06 2012 06:33 GMT mamontof
Why know i may make my pilot licence , purchaise a ultralight and came visit that continent 8-)
Oct 07 2012 01:45 GMT doramandragora
No worries... only a few stops in betweeen... be careful when flying over the desert, it might take a while to find you there ;-)
Oct 07 2012 18:19 GMT mamontof
O i know some of my friend live deeply under ground in rats cave some where in desert digging out some walueble minerals (so i will stop to take a brake and cool down)