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played around with Captivelight's shot ...
link: http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/1522/#4

Original shot by Captivelight:

**wanted to achieve a sort of slightly aged/folded/scanned feel to the shot ... lol.
and of course, i just had to add my masking tape. ;P

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 11 2007 03:51 GMT deanbed
Very cleverly recreated too, most people mend old photo's, nice to see the opposite done here!
Jan 11 2007 03:53 GMT wifey
Love this… so artistic!
Jan 11 2007 03:55 GMT bluefam
so beautiful.
Jan 11 2007 04:10 GMT jomoud PRO
interesting work with green overtone
Jan 11 2007 04:23 GMT ashdad PRO
Great job!
Jan 11 2007 05:42 GMT sweetkate77
UNique miss maiy! You never cease to impress! :)
Jan 11 2007 07:21 GMT Captivelight PRO
I really like this effect
Jan 11 2007 07:39 GMT TestShots
vintage! looked like it was lifted from an old scrapbook...
Jan 11 2007 08:44 GMT hans55 PRO
you have made a classic from it !! ...well done !!
Jan 11 2007 08:51 GMT DGM
Great effect!!
Jan 11 2007 12:12 GMT Elise
Nice work maiylah :)
Jan 11 2007 12:19 GMT wop
you should take care of your old photos, dear ;-)
really creative use of PS!
Jan 11 2007 12:33 GMT charlotte
wow!! this is good!!!!!!! love that tape! how did you do that?
Jan 11 2007 13:17 GMT Scarlett PRO
Fabulous idea of treatment ! Good work !
Jan 11 2007 13:23 GMT maiylah
hi, charlotte!
about the tape, all i did was take a shot of a masking tape against a white background (for easy selection if you want to paste it on to another photo, like what i did), then pasted it on the almost finished picture... clicked on "edit", then free transform... to adjust the almost see-through effect, under "layers", i chose multiply then played around a bit with the opacity percentage. hope you understood the explanation! ;)
many thanks!
Jan 11 2007 13:24 GMT maiylah
thank you all, for the comments!
had a fun time achieving this effect ... not quite what i really wanted, but it has to do. lol
Jan 11 2007 13:40 GMT mavik
Wonderful playing as usual, maiylah!
Jan 11 2007 13:40 GMT mavik
Wonderful playing as usual, maiylah!
Jan 11 2007 14:35 GMT bluesky
Hello maiy..kumusta na.
Got a lot of good pics on a series.
Jan 11 2007 14:40 GMT rhynnligwak
this is beautiful i like what you did to it
Jan 11 2007 15:53 GMT junsjazz
perfect soft retro version!
Jan 11 2007 17:33 GMT soldier
Yessss... stunning pic... great working!
Jan 11 2007 17:44 GMT jamby PRO
it doesn't matter what kind of comments we received actually...what really benefactory is the fun you ad while doing it...and as i can see from this version that you had certainly had lot of fun...soooo cool...yes the extra bonus you added...the tape!!!
Jan 11 2007 20:07 GMT sini
Great created entry!
Jan 11 2007 20:50 GMT bennystr
I think that you managed to achieve that effect, well done!
Jan 11 2007 21:07 GMT Irma
I love this entry !!!
Jan 13 2007 10:01 GMT Panda52
Excellent job... bravo!!!
Jan 14 2007 17:55 GMT Gotterdammerung
You did it excellent, wel done! I like the effect, even more than the original photo :)