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weeklyviewfromtheterrace spain home


Taken 23rd January 2011, about 12.30pm.

Okay - I'm now including an occasional one of the view of the orange and olive grove behind the house! (to see the whole series click on this link - http://www.fotothing.com/tag/weeklyviewfromtheterrace/ )

Today we had a flurry of snow first thing in the morning which turned into quite a covering by mid-day - it turned to rain and disappeared mid afternoon but still with a cold wind. Costa del Sol? - brrrrr!!!!!!!
(here is what I wrote about the unexpected weather when we first moved here! Plus more photos. http://hubpages.com/hub/Extremes-of-weather-on-the-Costa-del-Sol )
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 23 2011 20:58 GMT MargNZ
Gorgeous view sloping away Barbara :)
Jan 23 2011 21:04 GMT FLUMP
Terrific shot..beautiful view
Jan 23 2011 21:19 GMT Adamus
That's rare, snow in Spain.
Jan 23 2011 21:21 GMT Pea2007
Great shot Barbara.
Jan 23 2011 21:22 GMT elsje323
beautiful view oranges in the snow
Jan 23 2011 21:24 GMT Lie
Don't complain, almost the whole year it's great weather overthere....
Great shot !
Jan 23 2011 21:28 GMT lunacrout
No Lie - I'm not complaining - I do like to see some variation in the seasons - it makes for some interesting shots :)
Jan 23 2011 22:03 GMT rainbow71
What a very beautiful view you have.
Jan 23 2011 22:46 GMT junne PRO
hope someone is going to harvest all the ripe oranges
Jan 24 2011 03:50 GMT larrybenedict
Any worries about losing the citrus crop? No snow in Florida as far as I know, but Central Florida has had some freezing nights this year. We last had snow in N. Florida about 17 or 18 years ago. Isn't snow where you live unusual?
Jan 24 2011 08:17 GMT lunacrout
Junne - these oranges belong to some neighbours who live in Málaga and only come here occasionally - very often they just fall on the ground and rot which is such a shame.

I may go and pick some and make some marmalade!
Jan 24 2011 08:19 GMT lunacrout
Larry - the oranges DO seem to survive - I suppose as long as it doesn't go too far below freezing!

It's snowed in January for the past 3 years! When we bought our house we asked the agent if it ever snowed in this area and she said 'no' and, in fact it hadn't for over 30 years!

Now it seems to be a regular occurrence - the worst was January 2009 - you can read about it and see some photos of people tobogganing on the field opposite our house here http://hubpages.com/hub/Extremes-of-weather-on-the-Costa-del-Sol
Jan 24 2011 13:39 GMT Annamaria
That must have looked funny to you, Barbara!! Fortunately it didn't take long...;-))
Jan 24 2011 22:07 GMT bandsix
I think the common denominator must be you Barbara....perhaps if you move back to England we'll get lovely summers...??? It's a great photo, by the way!
Jan 24 2011 22:25 GMT lunacrout
Ha-ha Barbara - maybe I'll give it a try for you :-D
Jan 25 2011 21:00 GMT martini957
Awesome sight...great shot....I too would make use of the fallen fruit rather than to see it rot : ))
Jan 25 2011 21:28 GMT sini
Wonderful image!:)
Jan 28 2011 21:06 GMT lizzieb
Jan 28 2011 22:08 GMT FLUMP
What a fabulous shot
Jan 29 2011 00:21 GMT abojovna PRO
Well done orange tree and fruit in January!