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++ DBCH children in jovial, smiling & laughing moods.
Foto image was taken on 15 July 2006 at DBCH compound. ~~

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 19 2006 17:27 GMT djm
Lovely Group!!!! :O)
Beautiful Portrait of Happiness!! LOVE IT!!! :O) sheila/djm
Jul 19 2006 18:21 GMT deefer PRO
What a happy lot, nice picture.
Jul 19 2006 21:06 GMT helton
joy........gladness......youth... friendship... beauty around... love .............
...........to be enclosed of children is like this to live here in the earth moments of a treasure Losp...I can say that are privileged children in having a friend like you!!!.............
Jul 19 2006 21:14 GMT cameo
Looks like you're doing a great job... and I'm not only talking about the excellent pictures! Those smiles are even richer than wonderful liquid gold.
Jul 19 2006 21:20 GMT losp

helton .. Just to give that little I can = be with them
"somewhat connected in minute ways"; be somewhat
caring & loving in ways making them momentously
happy & joyful; be sharing in their confidence, trust,
belief & positive egoistic feelings ! .. THANKS &
God's abundant blessings on you + loved ones. ~~
Jul 19 2006 21:27 GMT losp

cameo .. THANKS for your most positive comment on these
kids : "Those smiles are even richer than wonderful liquid gold".
With so much pain/suffering inside their little, innocent heart,
yet they 'sunrise' out in joyous smiles & laughs => telling us to
smile/laugh all the more & better !!! Regards & best wishes to
cameo ~~
Jul 19 2006 21:30 GMT losp

jonstone .. Your appreciation of this foto is very much appreciated.
I take it more as an encouragement to me to perform & deliver
better from now on .. THANKS & best wishes to jonstone, from
losp on behalf of these kids. ~~
Jul 19 2006 21:33 GMT losp

sheila & danny .. THANKS. May God richly bless both of you + loved ones. ~~
Jul 19 2006 21:33 GMT losp

sheila & danny .. THANKS. May God richly bless both of you + loved ones. ~~
Jul 19 2006 21:37 GMT losp

justju .. TERIMA KASIH .. a-salam-malaikon ~~
Jul 19 2006 21:39 GMT losp

deefer .. Many thanks for your usual very positive, supportive comment
Regards & best wishes. ~~
Jul 19 2006 21:43 GMT litz
GOOD MORNING losp!!! i can see the joys in their smiles that they were very happy with your presence giving them importance and support!!!
Jul 19 2006 23:39 GMT losp

litz .. THANKS for your beautiful words + your compliment
You're very kind & supportive. May God richly bless you &
your loved ones. ~~
Aug 02 2006 09:01 GMT LizSA
Loveley, they are looking happy...the girl in blue on the right , behind the pole with the fingers in front of her mouth....maybe she needs a little personal attention, or am I wrong.......
Aug 02 2006 10:22 GMT losp