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.. Sunrise (Photo 02 at 6.33 a.m.) from behind mt ranges .. and climbing slowly above the mt ranges on this morning Saturday 6th May 2006 (a series of 4 photos from 6.33 a.m. to 6.44 a.m.)

.. The Church, next to Don Bosco Children's Home is at bottom left corner.
Mt Kinabalu (4,077 metres high) and Kinabalu National Park (World Heritage Site !) at the top and right sides

.. Note: the clouds versus slow rising fog/mist .. still dark and foggy/misty; beaming white ball of the slow rising sun; forested mountain range; quite blue sky; sparkling sunrays; no winds + cool valley breeze; see houses (morely go for temperate vegetable farms)
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Comments on this photo:

May 06 2006 21:26 GMT uwp
May 07 2006 00:36 GMT losp

Your improvement on this intent of mine ? : I divide the blue sky and blackish area equally .. if I position sun at the centre, then I miss clouds over the mt ranges and less mist/fog in the huge valley .. pity I miss Mt Kinabalu .. Yes, I must improved on your recommended "compromised thing". A few encouraging, sharp words can mean big for me ! .. Thanks from losp
May 08 2006 13:21 GMT deefer PRO
Yes, a beautiful capture.
May 08 2006 13:44 GMT losp

Note the series of 4 different scenes taken within 11 minutes .. note those times and HE is in action there !!! I took these photos at the dormitory of the Church there ... losp
May 08 2006 14:13 GMT deefer PRO
OK, I understand. :o)