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++ .. Sunset 6.35 p.m. Saturday 8 July 2006

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 08 2006 12:33 GMT Nespolo
nice this one !
Jul 08 2006 12:33 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful sunset!
Jul 08 2006 12:41 GMT deefer PRO
Great shot, well done.
Jul 08 2006 12:41 GMT litz
splendid sunset!!! you become a master in capturing reflection on the shore!!
BRAVO losp bravo!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 08 2006 13:28 GMT eScargo PRO
Beautiful set of sunsets - Excellent!
Jul 08 2006 14:27 GMT helton
_____________-Can I ask a favor master.... coull you capture a shot of sky among some trees & leaves...from the top of a mountain...I'm curious to see what view it would be.. once nobody can capture the sky like you Losp....
________________________Great WEEKEND master.............I'll be waiting.............
Jul 08 2006 16:01 GMT jamby PRO
Losp...We have seen a series of sunsets you captured but you could never bored us to see them all...I for one really love sunsets views..there´s sooo much beauty in sunsets...Can you do me a favor? Will you keep us supplying those lovely sunsets of your even in the winter? In that way...we can keep ourselves warm just by looking at them....:-))))
Jul 08 2006 16:08 GMT Anjelikka
Jul 08 2006 19:52 GMT evagata
It's absolutely fabulous !!!!
Jul 09 2006 00:24 GMT losp

helton .. See this morning's Sunrise which is dedicated to you !!

Thanks .. I was most tired last night .. Drove to Kundasang at 9 a.m.
yesterday's morning and returned to KK (Kota Kinabalu) at around
5 p.m. the same day .. No replies to comments from viewers.
Have another great weekend .. lol ..

Jul 09 2006 00:41 GMT losp

Nespolo .. THANKS for your very kind comment. Best
wishes for a great weekend .. lol ..
Jul 09 2006 00:43 GMT losp

ashdad .. Many THANKS for your appreciation of this
foto image here + your encouragement on my FT imagings
.. My best wishes to you for a great weekend .. lol
Jul 09 2006 00:44 GMT losp

deefer .. THANKS .. Best wishes for blessed weekend .. lol ..
Jul 09 2006 00:46 GMT losp

litz .. THANKS .. Have a great weekend .. Good luck to Italy tonight ..
Jul 09 2006 00:48 GMT losp

eScargo .. I am very grateful for your appreciation of this
foto image here + for your encouragement & support on
my FT imagings .. Best wishes for a great weekend .. lol
Jul 09 2006 00:51 GMT losp

Jamby .. THANKS .. Sorry, I can't promise to meet
your request with certainty. I'll include it into my
deleberation process in coming weeks. .. Best wishes
for a very joyous and rewarding weekend .. lol ..
Jul 09 2006 00:53 GMT losp

Anjelikka .. Many THANKS for your visit of my
FT today's sunset series here + for your very kind,
encouraging comment. .. My best wishes to you
for a great weekend .. lol ..
Jul 09 2006 00:57 GMT losp

evagata .. Many THANKS for your appreciation of this
foto image here and for your most generous and
encouraging comment on my FT imagings .. My best
wishes for a happy, blissful weekend .. lol
Jul 09 2006 09:13 GMT litz
losp, just curiousity.. how far Kundasang to KK - where you live i presumed..
I know how hard/hectic you've done everyday... GOD sees you & the reward is from HIM.......
take care losp in every way!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!
Jul 09 2006 09:53 GMT losp

litz .. 120 to 150 minutes' drive over mountainous terrains,
depending on traffic flow .. (Mt Kinabalu is some 4,200 meters
high .. Kundasang has temperate weather = those big, beautiful
roses and other flowers I took !!) .. some 70-80 km from KK
(Kota Kinabalu, where my house is in this beautiful seaside city)
.. THANKS .. lol ..