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.. Finger signs : I lov U .. V peace sign ... Brother Ben and Sister Leonie are there in the group photo ..

The Don Bosco Children's Home has some 96 kids = 50 boys + 40 girls ranging from 6-18 of age .. some 25 orphans and the rest are from very poor/broken/wretched familie.

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Comments on this photo:

May 03 2006 12:05 GMT Vanhakuhju
Brother Ben and sister Leonie are making very good work, you can see it when you look at the children.
May 03 2006 14:20 GMT losp

You are "observantly" right .. you are very sharp indeed !

Poor old man as stated in your Profile ? Even it is (povery is always a relative concept), I am confident in my feeling you are never poor in soul, especially now !!

I take this liberty of thanking you, on their behalf, for your kind praise of Brother Ben and Sister Leonie. Brother's recent words still ring in my ears: "Losp, I am not important, those kids are". .. Sister Leonie once said to me: : I've to be firm with discipline, as there are 90 plus of them".

Many thanks for taking your interest in these 96 kids of Don Bosco Children's Home in Kundasang, Sabh. God blessing you more. .. from losp.
May 08 2006 22:50 GMT deefer PRO
Wonderful work you do. :o)
May 09 2006 02:34 GMT losp

Thanks for your support. Honestly speaking, I'm just like a hair in Brother Ben's head !! His 50 years (great sacrifices + toils + pains, only he and God know) in rural but beautiful, forgotten lands in Bundu Tuhan, Kundasang .. he is 76, very healthy, most energetic, no temper, all care & love to the kids and church goers .. all rounder in carpetry, electric, electronic, PC etc items .. deefer, I try to do that tiny I can to lighten minutely Brother Ben's still-heavy loads or burdens ... Many thanks for your patience, concern and care .. May God richly and constantly bless you + dear ones ... losp
Mar 30 2008 00:13 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 30 2008 00:21 GMT losp
aquile .. THANKS for viewing photos of my early FT membership
and giving your very kind, encouraging comments.