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++ Look at their (alive) begging eyes ! And such pitiable sight !!!
Save wildlife & endangered species, no cruelty to animals; but NOT
including ordinary fish, crabs, prawns and other fishery items. HOW
do they view/judge man's human behaviour ?

.. Please see this Macro foto (19 July 2006) in View original for
greater details.

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 20 2006 13:31 GMT litz
losp, welll GOD's love to HIS creations, to human, HE provided those species for us...HE even went for fishing when the disciples/fisherman were desperate catching nothing... from the water.. protect & save Dolphins and etc just like as you said save wildlife and endangered species!!
I'm sorry, my fave are seafoods esp. prawns or shrimps...hmmm delicious!!!!!!!
Jul 20 2006 14:19 GMT losp

litz .. You're right on the Biblical quotes allowing
for such consumption. I love seafoods since young
THANKS for your enlightenment. ~~
Jul 20 2006 17:41 GMT jamby PRO
ooohhhhhh Losp...you´ve been supplying me the images that I´ve been missing...Thank You!!! I can buy fish here too but not as fresh as you got here!!!
Jul 21 2006 22:05 GMT litz
you are very welcome my friend... we couldn't remember everything because we're overloaded of things to be remembered hehehehehhe
Have a Blessed weekend losp!!!