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During flood, water level can be a few feet high ..
I spoke to the old couple living inside (both 80+
yrs old) .. An unforgettable experience for Losp.

Poverty carries no initial or original sin/crime. Yes, the rich and the powerful ignore & avoid it by not lending much their helping hands. In present day of affluence, prosperity and progress, it is most disturbing/troubling to see poverty marching on steadily. Yes, this is quite a cruel, sinful world in which mankind (or man unkind) has transformed it into as such !

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 12 2011 07:53 GMT sini
It's a sad thing how the worlds wealth is distributed..
Apr 12 2011 08:01 GMT skyball
Very sad Losp!!!!!!...
Apr 12 2011 08:35 GMT ujbanyiv
Dramatic Photo...
Apr 12 2011 09:53 GMT clintonfolks
Apr 12 2011 10:44 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Very nice old home; although poor, I'll bet they lived happy lives. It's shameful that governments fight 'wars on poverty,' 'wars on drugs,' etc., and achieve NOTHING. I wish all of you well, my friend Losp!
Apr 12 2011 12:11 GMT Studio88
Losp, I have seen poverty worldwide - Very SAD :-(
Apr 12 2011 13:33 GMT Annamaria
I agree with Sini....
Apr 12 2011 14:54 GMT martini957
"Yes, this is quite a cruel, sinful world in which mankind (or man unkind) has transformed it into as such !"
It is indeed quite heartbreaking to see so much pain & suffering...and such evilness in our old world.....one can only wonder just how great God's patience is.....I can't even stand to see a homeless animal...or an animal mistreated...I get fighting mad over cock fights & dog fights too....it sickens me just how low down and evil some people are....The Prince of the air surrounds us....but praise God it won't always be so!!!

Apr 12 2011 15:37 GMT peterpinhole
A sad reality ....but there is still hope with caring people like yourself.
Keep up the good and generous work you do.
Apr 12 2011 16:06 GMT iyerhari
great details!!!!!!!!
Apr 12 2011 20:05 GMT lynnj04
Povery is everywhere and yet the governments and the rich get greedier very unfair world you are right to man-unkind x
Apr 13 2011 19:39 GMT yvonNL
very Sad
Apr 13 2011 22:01 GMT pauli3522
very sad situation for a family
Apr 15 2011 19:26 GMT Dorado
Have a beautiful weekend,
my dear friend.

♪ ♫ ♪ All the best. ♪ ♫ ♪

Apr 22 2011 20:28 GMT Ini
Yes so sad indeed !!
Sep 23 2011 07:48 GMT GeoffReeves
And maybe its not sad. With their personal battles and struggles maybe these people who have lived long lives, see things more clearly than a rich person who loses their way in the fog clutching their bags of Silver........